The fab life

Author: Hannah Raggard


This play is about a boy named hunter. The current social conventions the play satirizes is guys can't care about their physical appearance. The main character hunter is 23, single, and living in your typical "redneck" community in Kentucky. Hunter like to maintain his appearance, so throughout the play he you see him go get a manicure, get his hair done in a salon and go shopping for nice clothes. All the people in his small town call him a "faggot" and "queer" because he doesn't go muddin', hunting, and he doesn't like to watch sports. People don't accept the fact he is a guy who likes to keep up with his appearance. In the end of the play, he moves to New York and falls in love with a women who loves him just the way he is.

Character description:

Hunter smith: he is the protagonist of the story. He faces many cultural conflicts due to his appearance, occupation and and personal preferences. He is a very sweet guy, who works as a zoo keeper.

John Thompson: he is the "bully" of the story. John and all his friends hate hunter because they think he is gay. John likes to hunt and fish, watch sports and hang out with his boys. They always give hunter a hard time for not being like them. He lives in his parents basement and did not attend college

Jenny jones: she is hunter's love. She lives in New York, and when hunter moves there they meet and fall in love. She is a down to earth, business women who is very beautiful.