ELC Newsletter

May 8th, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you again to each and everyone of you for the hard work you put in everyday. It makes such a difference in the lives of our children and families, and with all the assessment results you are beginning to see just how far they have come. I agree with Dr. Tony Evers statement about how it takes a special calling to teach. Some mistakenly think that if you’re smart in a subject, you can teach. While deep content knowledge helps a good teacher be better, teaching is a complex task. Successful teachers like to work with kids. They have an understanding of child development and learning styles as well as classroom management. They know how to develop lessons for today’s classrooms that offer multiple ways for students to show their learning. Teachers meet kids where they are and move them ahead to reach academic goals. But, it’s not just academics. Our teachers also are there, alongside parents and family members, helping children become better citizens. So again, we all thank all of you for all you do!

Early Release Today

For Early Release today, it will be Buffet Style, where you can each choose what initiative that you have to work on. At the staff meeting, we reviewed the SLO self assessment, and in your mailbox, I put that SLO process and Scoring Guide, to assist you this afternoon if you are working with your team together on your SLO.

I also want to thank you for the artifacts you have all uploaded in the Documentation Log, I am learning so much and there are wonderful examples of supporting the six teacher standards there.

Registration numbers

As of May 8th, 2015:

Incoming 4K: 56 students

Incoming 5K: 66 students

ELL Mother's Day Celebration

On Monday, May 11th, at 4:00 the ELL students and their families are invited to our Mother's Day Celebration in the HMHS Commons. We will have tamales and other foods, then we will get to listen and watch our students perform a program.

Autism Sales

Our Early Childhood team raised a little over $350.00 selling items after school for Autism Awareness month. This money will go directly into more materials, and supplies for working with our students. Thanks to all the staff that supported this effort!

Happy Birthday Next Week To:

5/13: Wendy Hayes

We hope you are back and " able to be on your feet again."

Happy Mother's Day!

Many of you are Moms or Grandmothers. Sunday is a day for you to celebrate family and friends, and remember all the gifts you have and what you have done with them. I hope you each spend time with your children, grandchildren, and extended family. It's your day, so live a little!

Upcoming Dates at ELC

5/18: Last day for Head Start. They have a field trip to Optimist Park on this day.

5/20: Early Childhood field trip

5/21: Last day of class for EC and for Divine Savior 4K;

Arts for Kids 4K has a field trip to the Children's Museum

5/25: No School, Memorial Day

6/1: Movie Day for Kindergarten

6/4: Last Day of School for AFK 4K

6/5: Early Release and Last Day of School for the 2015-16 School Year

6/15: First Day of summer school

7/23: Last Day of Summer School

My Out of Building Times for 5/11-5/15/15

5/11: 7:15: PST at FLC; 11:30 Divine Savior; 2:00 -5:30 HMHS ; 6:00 budget workshop; 7:00 Board meeting

5/12: 8:00 Admin meeting;

5/13: 8:00 Hartford for RSN; 3:00 Climate and Culture Committee

5/14: Biometric Screenings begin at BAMS; 8:30 District Wide ELL Meeting; 2:30 BAMS

5/15: Biometric Screenings; 12:00 DMR: Autism Grant Meeting