Team Hill's HERO's Monthly Review


Here is your month at a glance

We had one of our top selling products, the Zip Top OUT and ever-popular Zipper Pouch, on sale in November. In December we've got the sale on 5 products, and don't forget that those specials end on the 30th, and the January flyer starts Dec. 31. I hope you see that you can achieve so much more than you might have originally thought, and are intentional with your business going into the new year and a typically slower selling season of the year. The work you are putting in now and throughout your fall season, will be reflected in the success of your new year results.

Our total Team Sales for November were $19,754.18 which means we did half the parties and team sales as last month. My goal is for each team member to ensure they get a pay check every 2 weeks, or at least every month, and I would love to see everyone keeping themselves active each month with $200 or more in personal sales. If it's not in your daybook, it won't be in your bank account. Think of what we could be doing if everyone was active in their business. I realize the minimums are $200 every 3 rolling months, but I hope you aren't setting this as your goal. Compete with yourself and try to do better each month! There are so many incentives for new and seasoned consultants ~ October 1st marked the start of the earning period for Leadership Incentive Trip 2017 on a cruise to the Bahamas and we are in our earning period for the spring K Groups which run Dec/Jan/Feb. Don't forget to share all of the ways that you can offer them parties ~ home parties, Facebook or catalogue parties, and parties on the go. Back to school marked the beginning of our busiest selling season, as everyone gets back into routine, are not off on vacation, feel the need to get organized, have their kids back into extra curricular activities (or maybe them too) and yes, we do start to think about gift shopping for the holidays (and now we can offer the Holiday Gift Guide). Maximize your abilities to help your customers with all of these things and make October a month to be proud of!

Together we entered 34 party orders - these may not be actual home parties but hopefully the majority of them are :)

Director's Corner

I think it's important that you know how I do each month, so whether it's just to see that I am also actively working my business, or to look towards what you need to do in a Leadership position, here are my monthly stats.

PV of $2,401.99

Party orders were 4

I did not add any new team members this month

Working for Leadership

We had 6 ladies who had total sales over $1000 PV in November. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Shelley Peach, Andrea Loughlean, Tiffany Morley, Kendra Foran and Lori Baird! I wonder how many of you will go on to promote to Director and be a Leader with Thirty-One? There is so much potential in our team :)

To be a Director you need to have $1000 PV, $4000 team sales and 4 PEQAs (personally enrolled qualified active recruits). You are all well on your way, so keep up the fantastic work!!! If you ever have any questions about climbing the 31 ladder please let me know and I would be happy to explain it or work with you on your goals.

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Allison Hill ~ Independent Director


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