Cantu, Alec

Country Basics

In the country Spain, they always had an impact on the world. Starting with their Capital, Madrid, famous for their sports, foods and fashion, the world would be complete without Spain's guide. Their flag, the trademark red and yellow with the emblem means " Plus Ultra" or in English, "More Beyond" which is aiming towards Christopher Columbus's "new world".

Spain's Geography

A huge part about the Spanish culture, like many others is futbol or more commonly known as soccer. They are home to arguably the largest rivalry in the world, Real(Royal) Madrid vs. FC Barcelona. Spain is no stranger to legendary competitions. Things like this can get greatly involved physically and emotionally. Enough with the details, Spain has been a dominate country since 1492 succeeding under the guidance of Juan Perón and Philip II. At one point Spain was feared by everybody that would dare think about them.

Spain's government

Spain is ruled by a king but similar to a president, the citizens have the choice on many things. There for they are a Parliamentary Monarchy. The citizens are very happy with their leader, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, because he was reelected again this pass November. Similar to America presidents are chosen every 4 years. Spain and America are very similar, you can be charged with a DWI or tax fraud etc.

Their economy

Spain has a stable economy compared to other countries. They are a average country with positive economic growth the last few years and is a country with a GDP per capita of almost 40 thousand us dollars. Compared to the U.S. they have a decent economy but compared to some South American countries, they are noticeably richer. They use Euros as their currency which a single Euro is equal to 1.09 U.S. dollars. With a 317.1 billion dollars in exports and 354.6 billion dollars in imports, Spain is not shy in buying and selling. They usually sell cars, machinery and food and buy chemicals, medicine, machinery and some goods. They have 1 birth rate of 9.6 per 1k people, a life expectancy of 81. 6 years at birth, has a %100 percent clean water source everywhere and has a literacy rate of 98.1. Buy these facts, its not hard to tell they are a highly advanced country.

The climate

Spain has a Mediterranean, Marine West coast and a semiarid climate. Most of Spain is a mix. They have dry heat summers and cold/rainy winters.

The culture of Spain

They are again similar to America, people do not have to wear what ever people tell them to. People can dress for success or not even match at all. In Spain, The most common languages are Castilian Spanish and Galician. Last, some annual holidays are the running of the bulls, new years Epiphany. If you don't know Epiphany is a holiday to celebrate the 3 kings.