Roman Justice

By Cynthia Perez

Citizens of Rome

• citizenship belonged to all free, abiding people

• the rights of citizens

• Men can vote

• Men can hold official offices- civil and government

• They have their own property and write contracts

• Men can go to court

Differences and Similarities between Rome and United States

• The Citizens of Rome are different from the citizens in the U.S because in the U.S everyone has equal rights and in Rome the citizens don't.

• The Citizens of Rome and the U.S have in common that men in Rome can go to court, vote and have their own property and also In the United States.

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No equal rights

• male citizens enjoyed all rights

• woman can not vote or have government offices

• slaves had hardly no freedom; no rights

• freedmen were slaves with limited rights

Differences and similarities between the U.S

• A difference is that in the U.S citizens have equal rights.

• A similaritie is that men enjoyed the rights.

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Follow the laws

Focused on

• marriage

• inheritance

• contracts between people

• laws were writen in the 12 tables

Similarities and Differences

• They are similar because they both have laws.

• They are different from the U.S because they have different laws.

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Roman Justice

• natural laws giving every citizen rights

• connected to life,pursuit and happiness

Where do we see that in the United States?

• judges made decicions

• judges made court decisions from the trials and evidence


• fit the crime commited

• fines- pay money

• beatings

• banishment

• slavery

• executions if guilty of treason

• particide

• slaves were beaten, harder work or crusified

Similarities and differeneces

• A similaritie between the U.S and Rome is that they both have punishments for the crimes citizens make.

• A difference is that they both have different ways of punishment.

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