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This week in second grade from room 300

April 18, 2016

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Congratulations to Donovan, Kali, Delana, and Alexis on getting an award for working hard in third Quarter!


Red Words: another and answer

Spelling Pattern: igh makes the long i sound.

Examples: bright, light, right, frighten, sigh


For the next couple of weeks we will work on writing standards. Students will also create All About Me books that will be published in hardback books! We will practice parts of speech and the correct way to form a sentence.


We will move on to time this week. Students need to know how to read an analog clock to the nearest five minutes. They need to know how to read and write the digital time, as well as draw hands on a clock to show a given time. We will discuss a.m. and p.m. as well.


Social Studies and Science

We are starting our sound unit this week. We will understand the relationship between sound and vibrating objects. This is a fun unit!


Upcoming Important Events

APR 22...Millbridge Intimidators Night

APR 30...Millbridge 5K

Homework for the Week and Due Friday

  1. Read 15 minutes nightly and record in your Planner.
  2. Answer 1 comprehension question.
  3. Three spelling activities from the choice board.
  4. Math practice page.

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