The Week Ahead


Service Standards

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Something to think about...

Disney has 45,000 custodians. Disney also has 45,000 employees.

The culture of Disney is such that every employee "Owns It!" Every employee believes it is his/her responsibility to ensure that the customer experience is positive.

Walt wanted to create an environment in which the park would stay clean because "people would be embarrassed to throw anything on the ground." To this day, his vision is alive and well.

You and I can create that kind of experience and that kind of culture together.

The little things we do and say, when we think no one else is watching, determine the culture of ESC 11 and of the Purple House.

Happening This Week

Monday - IS planning & Development Day

Please read:

Marzano "What Teachers Gain from Deliberative Practice"

Please watch:

  • 8:30 a.m. Gathering & Announcements
  • 9:00 a.m. Iris Connect (video coaching)
  • Lunch
  • House meetings
  • Team meetings

Tuesday -

Wednesday - Happy Birthday Carol Scalzo

Directors' Collaboration p.m.

Thursday - Think Tank

Friday - Directors' Collaboration & Coordinator Meeting a.m.


Individual Goal Setting Meetings (early October)

Deadlines & Tasks

  • Enter all travel and conference requests on the Google Travel Doc. reference below. We will be reviewing these requests in the next few weeks and notifying you of available funds.
  • Please review draft versions of: Purple House Roles (support structure), Workshop Flowchart, and the Travel Flowchart. These are DRAFT forms and will be cemented in the next few weeks as updated information becomes available.
  • DUE 9/9/2016 Help the Coordinators and Director get to know your background and prepare for goal-setting conferences by filling out this Google Survey link: