The followeres of christianity are called christans. Christians believe in God and Jesus. The common figure of christianity is Abraham (yaweh)
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The Holy Bible

The christians holy book is The Bible. The bible has two sections the old testement, and the new testement. As you look in this picture you see a cross on the bible. the cross in the christians symbol. The christians believe that Jesus died on the cross so we can have our sins.


This is a church. Christians practice their relgion at a church. A preist,paster,minister,or preacher is the woship leader. At church christians pray,read verses from the bible, talk about God (the father), Jesus christ (the son), and holy spirt. Christians go to church on sunday. (thats their worship day)

Holy Communion (sacraments)

Holy communion was the sharing of bread and wine to remember the last supper. Holy communion is the reciving of jesus Christ in the sacrement of holy Eurchairist. We do that at my chuch, we did our bread in grape juice to represent the last supper.

Worship leader

This is a priest. When christians go to church a priest is the one that teaches them about God. The read verses of the bible to the christians. They talk about their beliefs. Like the trenty father, Jesus christ, holy spirt, and decleration of faith. They also do their practices and rituals like holy communion or baptism. Baptism is a babys introduction into christianty. Baby jesus was Baptised.


The symbol of Christianity is the cross. Christians believe that jesus died on the cross and arose from the dead on easter sunday. Which is now a holiday. The cross represents remembrence for Christs suffering when he was crucified for our sins or, a symbol for being his follower.


This is the common holy city of christians. Christians believe that Jersalem was the cite of jesus crucifixition. Jesus was crucified he was tied to the cross and he gave up his life for our sins. Thats why jersusalem is the common holy city for christians.