Learning upgrade

An Assistive technological tool

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is a technological adaptive and rehabilitative device that supports access to educational resources for students with various physical or learning disabilities. Learning Upgrade is one of these tools.
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Learning Upgrade

Learning Upgrade is an online tool for maths and English Language art curriculum that uses songs, video and games to engage struggling student using an inquiry - based approach to provide differentiated instruction to help special Education student in reading and maths. It also helps to fill in learning gaps and cover all common core grade level standards for grade 1-8.

Why use Learning upgrade

What is Learning Upgrade?

Academic uses of Learning Upgrade

Learning Upgrade has a lot of Academic uses, some of which are;

  • Teach student how to understand text book and literature
  • Feature songs, video and games to engage struggling student
  • The comprehension upgrade has a graphic organizer that helps student to read, build their vocabulary and critical thinking.
  • Individualized learning
  • Addresses diverse needs
  • Detailed records of students progress

Accommodates specific learning goals for students with learning challenges

Learning upgrade has been proven effective with special needs because of its unique formats of:

  1. Engaging musical lessons and step-by-step learning path that provides students starting out far below grade level an opportunity for success.
  2. Individualized learning in which each student has a unique path to mastery, teachers can assign different lessons for each student and each lesson adapts to a student's responses and each student must repeat low scoring lesson to mastery.
  3. The music, video, games and rewards, motivate students to complete a rigorous curriculum master.
  4. With it's reading upgrade, students are able to read as it sounds the letters musically and students are able to pronounce the words.
  5. The comprehension upgrade help students with its graphic organizer to build their vocabulary and critical thinking.
  6. The detailed record of progress enable teachers to document progress towards IEP goals.
  7. Teachers have documented reading and maths gains for students with variety of special need. this include students with autism, attention deficits,auditory processing issues and dyslexia.

Implementation strategy

There are three support plan to get you started in using Learning upgrade in your class.

Getting Started With Your Learning Upgrade License

This guide will walk you through the steps to create your teacher account and student accounts. You can have your class ready in minutes.

Learning Upgrade Implementation Guide

This guide will help you identify who needs support and will also help you identify which courses to assign for your students. This guide also explains where to complete courses, when students should work on courses, and how you can track your students to mastery.

Learning Upgrade School Pacing Guide

Are you ready to move every student to a Gold Certificate and mastery? Use this pacing guide to put a detailed plan in place.

Training requirement

There is a teacher guide that gives information of the student course and the teacher white board courses. The guide help the teacher to:

  1. create a teacher account
  2. Enroll your student
  3. Track your student anytime, when they complete a level, they will see a gold, silver or bronze certificate as the case may be.

For more information click on the link below http://www.learningupgrade.com/html/lu_teachersguidgold, silver or bronz e.pdf

Features of adoption of technology for instruction

Learning upgrade is a web base tool that has maths, reading and comprehension courses on "demo" for standard base lessons using songs, videos and games. it teaches English phonics and reading to English learners through pictures, animated text songs and games to enhance mastery.
Context Clues From Comprehension Learning Upgrade
Literacy Skills: Short Vowel Song Reading Learning Upgrade

About the company

Learning Upgrade was founded by Vinod Lobo in 1998 who brought together teachers, musicians, artists and programmers based in San Diego, California, and USA, to produce innovating and engaging lesson through songs, videos and games to achieve a learning break through for special needs students and English learner. See link for more details https://ideamensch.com/vinod- lobo
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Pricing of the product

Learning Upgrade has three different packages:

  1. Free School License1: It is free with up to 20 students and unlimited teacher account with one teacher course and a free common core report.
  2. Student Annual License :There is a payment of $30/ 3 student with student limits based on amount purchased, unlimited teacher account and a teacher course of 1 per 30 student with a common core report included.
  3. School wide license 2: It has payment of $7500 with unlimited student, teacher account and teacher course and common core report included.

How to start

Sign Up

Order Form

Request Quote

1 Free school licenses for approved U.S. Schools with 100 or more students

2 School wide licenses cover all students enrolled in the school at one school site. Subject to approval, limits apply.

3 Minimum of 30 students purchased

4 Student licenses include all Learning Upgrade Courses

5 Teacher courses enable whole-class interactive lessons using a data projector or interactive whiteboard.

For home pricing click Here.

Preparing U.S. School Purchase Orders

Schools can fax, mail, or email a purchase order to Learning Upgrade after requesting a quote.

Vendor: Learning Upgrade LLC

Phone: (800) 998-8864

Fax: (858) 653-4677 or (866) 792-9183

Email: info@learningupgrade.com

Please include the principal’s and lead teacher’s name, phone, and email with each order. Once Learning Upgrade receives a school purchase order, we will send a Teacher’s Guide PDF and a list of course codes by email to the principal and lead teacher.

Shipping: no shipping charges, as we send all orders by email

Sales Tax: none, this is an educational service

School Price Quotes: Get Your Quote Now!

Canadian & Caribbean School Orders

Canadian and Non-U.S. Caribbean schools can purchase the courses and receive price quotes through: IBM Canada K-12 Education: lpotter@ca.ibm.com

Outside the United States/Canada

Schools in other countries can purchase courses using a major credit card. Please send a request for a quote by email to info@learningupgrade.com

Still have questions?

Call us at (800) 998-8864 (US or Canada toll free) or send us email at info@learningupgrade.com. Pricing subject to change.


  • Home Special: US $49.95 per course for 6 months of access for one student!
  • Provides access to one course for one student for 6 months
  • First sign up for a Free Trial no credit card required
  • If you like the course, press BUY to purchase with a credit card or check
  • Add more free trial courses once you sign in

Technical requirement

Teachers and students access the Learning upgrade course through a web browser from internet connected wireless notebooks,web pads and handheld. There is no software to install. Teachers create a user name and password to log into the Learning upgrade web site and then provide access to each enrolled student with a user name and password. All platforms require a band width of about 80kbs per connected student.

The best way to check compatibility with a specific computer is to visit www.learningupgrade.com and select a "demo" of a course, if it plays successfully, then the actual course should work equally well.

Pronouns 1 Song From English Learning Upgrade