Move to the New England Colonies

By Kaleigh

Settlements in the New England Colonies.

In the New England Colonies you can come to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Rhode Island. Bosten is a popular settlement because it's a good place for trading. Settlers started settling on Native American land and wars broke out. That's how we got religous freedom. If you move to the New England Colonies you'll get religous freedom.

Life in the New England Colonies

Life is very religous in the New England Colonies. A child's life had to do with chores, school, and having fun while playing games like marbles. A womens life was doing homework, cooking, making clothes, and taking caring for their family. Women and girls dress in garters, stockings, petticoats, waistcoat, a hat called a coif, shoes, and an apron. A men's life was teaching, farming, hunting, raising the animals, guarding the town, and getting supplies like water and wood. Men and boys dress in dresses till six or seven years old, breeches, stockings, garters, and a doublet. There's lots to do in the New England Colonies.

The Economy of the New England Colonies

Their's lot's of stuff to do here like farming, fishing, trading, and the lumber industry. There's also the Free market trading system where people are free to choose the goods and services they buy. Costal towns are good for fishing cod, herring, mackerel, and whales. The forest has lot's of lumber to use for building and selling. There's lot's of kinds of jobs here like a blacksmith, farmer, fisherman, and a trader.