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ARE Media Center News - January 2016

Barcode Cards

Please have all students wear their barcode cards any time they come to the media center. This drastically improves check out times! :) If you have students who still need a card, email Ms. Sweeney and she'll order them for you.

Signing up for Media Times

You may sign up to bring your class to the media center at any time by clicking the links below. The same links are also in my signature whenever I send an email and on the media center website under Teachers and Media Center Sign Up.

Whole Class Book Circulation

Media Center Computers (17 desktops available)

Lessons w/ Ms. Stetson (please indicate in the notes section what you'd like help with)

Overdue Books

I am working on printing overdue notices for all students. When they appear in your mailbox please send them home the student whose name is highlighted in yellow. Thanks!

Junior Librarians

Select 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders have been chosen to be Junior Librarians. These students have been assigned a morning, once a week, to assist in the media center. If you have not done so already, please send home the half sheet of paper with the students that were selected. These students will be trained in all areas of the media center. Please encourage your students to seek out their help when visiting the media center in the morning between 8:45 and 9:15. They'll be the ones wearing the bright green "ask me for help" signs! :)

Here is the schedule:

Monday - Blanchard, Cole, Lewis, Murdy

Tuesday - Wilson, Himbry, Madlon, Martin

Wednesday - Wolf, Villanueva, Fitzgerald, Bloodworth

Thursday - Atwater, Swain, Butler, Mukherjee

Friday - Niemi, Wackerman, Kaszycki, Emelle


This winter all students are invited to participate in the North Carolina Children's Book Awards voting process! The North Carolina Children’s Book Award program is a children’s choice program sponsored by school and public librarians in North Carolina and is designed to introduce children to current children’s literature and to instill a love of reading. There are two categories, Junior Books and Picture Books. Students may vote in one or both of the categories. In order for a student to vote they must read (or be read to) at least five of the nominated books. Voting will take place in March.

All of the nominated books will be on display in the media center and available for check out by both teachers and students. Mrs. Angel and I plan on reading some of the picture books to the K-2 classes we see in January and February, however, we will not see all the classes during this time. I hope you will consider reading some of the books to your class and/or promoting this program to your students!

More information about the program and the nominated books is on the media center website under NCCBA (http://aresmedia.weebly.com/nccba.html) and will be advertised throughout the school. Also, below is a packet of information about the program and suggested questions and activities to go with each book. I would LOVE the opportunity to introduce your class to this program! Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to sign up for a time to come to the media center for an intro.

Link to Activities Booklet for Teachers

Cantata Learning Books

We have a new series of books in the media center! Cantata Learning Books are books that have a song that goes with them. We purchased biographies, seasons, life cycles, life skills and many more! To start I am holding them in the library office for teachers to check out. They are temporarily in the Professional Section. After a few weeks I'll add them to the regular collection so students can enjoy them too! Below you will find pictures of the books we purchased and a sample song!
Big image
From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Third Grade Solar System Project

Throughout the 2nd Quarter third grade students worked on a HUGE project about the solar system. Classes created both physical and virtual projects about an object in our solar system. All of these projects were linked to a ThingLink and displayed in the hallway. One class even created a Scavenger Hunt that you can use with your students while exploring the hallway. Another class created a Kahoot quiz that can be taken after exploring the ThingLink! To learn more about the project and access the Kahoot and Scavenger Hunt visit the Media Center website and then go to Students - Student Work. (http://aresmedia.weebly.com/student-work.html)

Circulation Reminders

  • There is a new CHECK IN station in the media center! Please scan any books you are returning on the computer right above the "Bookie Monster" before putting them in the return slot.
  • In the morning all students MUST report to their class first and ask permission to visit the media center. Please have them bring a Library Pass with them so we know they have permission. If you need library passes, email me, and I'll put some in your mailbox.
  • All grades - If you have media scheduled for the day please have your students bring the books they want to return with them to class. We'll allow time for check in at the beginning of class and time for check out at the end of class.
  • Teachers, you may sign up for a time slot to bring your whole class to exchange books by visiting our website (http://aresmedia.weebly.com/media-center-sign-up.html), clicking on Circulation, and selecting a time.

NC Wise Owl

If you are not familiar with it, or always forget we have it, NC Wise Owl is AWESOME!

This site is free for any student, teacher, or parent in North Carolina and gives you access to some great FREE resources. If you or your students are at school there is no login needed. At home the password is wiseowl15. Each month we'll highlight one of the resources found at www.ncwiseowl.org.

This month's spotlight is on.... Explora!

Explora is an EBSCO product that can be used by both teachers and students. It is a database full of articles from periodicals and reference materials. Students in upper grades can use it to locate information on a research topic (it even cites the source for them!). Teachers - you can use this resource to find articles to read with your class! It has articles on all different topics at a wide range of reading levels (you can even narrow by lexile!). You are able to print and save each article (or project it to save paper).

Resource of the Month!

WebPath Express!

WebPath Express is a search engine that comes with Destiny (our library database). It is a safe search engine that give relevant and grade appropriate results. You can get to it by clicking the link above or by going to Destiny (http://destiny.wcpss.net), clicking on Alston Ridge, and then clicking on Search for Websites. You and your students can use it to search for ANYTHING! You have the option to narrow your results by grade level or lexile range and has an option to create a citation page. The image below shows what it looks like.

Big image

Media Data

Big image