October 10th- October 14th

In the news...

  • Columbus Day
  • Trip to Duffields!
  • "Special" Close Up!
  • Fantastic Friday!

Columbus Day!

We learned how explorers like Columbus, traveled all over the world to find new places. We also discussed how we still explore today into places like space, the ocean, rain forests, etc. My explorers enjoyed making their hats!

Duffields Field Trip!!!

We finally made it to Duffields! The weather was beautiful and the kids had a great time! Big thanks to our chaperones, Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. DeVecchis, and Mr. Schwartz again!!

Posing with Rudy the Rooster!!

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"Special" Close Up

This week's close up is Music! Mr. Cona is our Music teacher here at TJ!

He's been teaching the students about different instruments and keeping the "beat". I was able to sit in this past Tuesday to see them practicing different percussion instruments. They played the "sticks", the "hand drum", and the "block".

The students took turns being a performer and being in the audience. They did such a great job playing their instruments when it came up in the song! Two thumbs up from Mrs. Bish!

Fantastic Friday

Today was Fantastic Friday!! The students enjoyed Finding Nemo in the afternoon (complete with popcorn!).
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Attention Parents!!

Red Ribbon Week (October 17th-21st)

  • Monday- Wear your Red Ribbon (I have those)
  • Tuesday- Wear your Sweats
  • Wednesday- Wear your favorite team jersey/shirt
  • Thursday - TJ Spirit Wear or Red, White, or Blue
  • Friday- Wear your Hat

Spirit Wear Sale

  • If you would like to order, you can fill our the order form I sent home or click here to order online. If you need another form, please let me know! Orders and money are due October 21st.

Upcoming Important Events

October 28th- Picture Day

  • Picture day will be Friday, October 28th! Bring that smile!

October 31st- Halloween Parade

  • Parade begins at 2:30!!

Next Week's Issue...

  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Book Boxes
  • New to Choice Time
  • "Special" Close Up- Library

Have a great weekend!

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