Lincoln's Monthly Newsletter

September 2018

Principal's Report

It has been an outstanding start to the year. August has been a strong month for our school in establishing expectations, reaffirming routines, and building a strong community. Our students have received multiple lessons in Zones of Regulations and now speak a very colorful language to describe their emotions and use these Zones (Red, Yellow, Greed, and Blue) to regulate how they are feeling. Zones work, in addition to our emphasis on meeting our school's four expectations, responsible, respectful, trustworthy, and safe, is working to make Lincoln a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Our first Student of the Month Assembly will be held the first Thursday of September for our PreK through 2 students . Parents of those students receiving those awards will be notified by mail. Remember we want to keep this a secret from the students. We want them to find out about their awards at the assembly. Thank you for working with us to keep these awards "under wraps" until they are awarded. The intermediate assembly will be the following Thursday.

Thank you to everyone who has worked to ensure that our lions have enough sleep every night and are in school on time every morning. We have had less students arriving after 8:15 and we appreciate that. Students are coming in with enough time to get breakfast if they need it and to get to class. Attendance is very important from day one, and we are thankful for the effort that has everyone has put forth to ensure that we are ready to start the day on time at 8:15.

Buckle Up!

In an effort to have a safer bus experience for all children in the State Of Tennessee, a law has been passed that requires the use of seat belts on all buses. Every ride. Every child. To enforce this state wide expectation Mrs. Zahner and Ms. Sheppard visited every classroom to talk to every student to talk about this policy, to emphasize our expectations about seat belts on the bus, and to explain the consequence if a student chooses to not wear a seat belt.

Students who do not wear a seat belt will get a warning the first time it happens and the parents will be notified that their child did not wear a seat belt during a ride on the bus. If a child does not wear their seat belt a second time it is an automatic three day suspension. We hope that this would be as far as we would need to go to impress upon students about the importance of wearing a seat belt on the bus, however if a child chooses to continue to not wear a seat belt the consequence will be an increase of days suspension from the bus until the child is no longer permitted to ride the bus for the remainder of the year.

We know that riding the bus for many families is vital to getting a child to school. We need your help to reinforce to all children the importance of following all district and state bus expectations to ensure a safe and pleasant ride home. At the end of the day riding a school bus is a privilege not a guarantee. Thank you for your help.

PTO Updates

Our first PTO meeting was a success. We are excited about the changes and the progress of this organization. We are so appreciative our all the parental support and staff support we have received this year already!

Winners of Beach Hut slushies:

Ticket # 6666590 & Ticket # 6666617. Please email or call/text 423-782-6014 to claim winnings!

Spirit Night:

Ocean Quest Mini Golf

Friday, September 21st, 2018


Lincoln PTO receives 15% of all purchases, including food!

Little Caesar's Fundraiser!!!!

Begins September 24th...look for more information soon.


We will open our doors on the evening of September 25th and invite all families to come to school to enjoy time with teachers to learn about Zones of Regulation and enjoy time as a Lincoln Community.

More Details to follow but mark your calendars now so you don't miss this fun family event.

Grade Level Updates


Literacy –

  • Rhyming words

  • Recognizing and writing our first name

  • Identifying characters, setting, and significant event in a story.

Math –

  • Recognizing and writing numbers 0-5.

  • Counting by 1’s to 10

  • Counting sets to 5.

Grade 1

First Grade had a GREAT start back to school. We have been building relationships at school and in our community through our literacy units. In September, we will continue the building relationships theme and begin a study on a plant’s life cycle. In math, we have been adding and subtracting to make number sense. We have built numbers and solved story problems. Our next unit will focus on 2-D Geometry with comparing and combining shapes. Homework is designed to reinforce learning at school. Please help your child each day with the reading and math homework. First Grade Teachers are looking forward to meeting each of you the week of September 10-14 for a conference.

Grade 2

Our students have been asking and answering questions about texts that we read, finding the theme or main idea, and sharing stories about characters dealing with conflict. We will be reading stories about special people, places, and events in September.

Our writing focus will be a narrative about a special person, place, or event.

Please make every effort to spend 20 minutes reading each night. This is a wonderful family activity where you can share favorite books, comics, and other stories. Reading calendars will be due October 1.

We have a busy month in math! Students are learning about money, telling time with analog and digital clocks, reading and writing our numbers to 500, and being able to fluently know their addition and subtraction facts within 20. Students will also be investigating 2-D and 3-D geometry, as well as foundational ideas about fractions.

Our mathematicians are hard at work solving problems mentally and with a variety of strategies. Ask your child about our Number Talks, where we develop our mental math skills. This will allow them to be fluent in addition and subtraction.

In science we are exploring forces and motion. Students are evaluating the effects of different strengths and directions of various pushes and pulls as well as recognizing the effect of multiples pushes and pulls.

Students are learning about how to be a good citizen in social studies. We are also discussing the rules and responsibilities of citizens.

Grade 3

In third grade we are working hard to learn routines and procedures to make our days at school run smoothly. We have been able to listen to each child read and are excited to watch their growth this year in not only reading, but across all subjects. As we continue to work to remember new routines, please encourage your child to always give their personal best on their school work and behavior.

We have sent conference sign ups home ~ please consider scheduling a conference with your child's teacher so that we can get to know you and your child better and work to make this year a success for everyone.

We are excited for this year and want the very best for your children! We can't wait to see where their efforts take them!

Grade 4

We are off to a great start in 4th grade! Our students are working hard to learn our procedures and expectations. Students are working toward good behavior rewards through points earned in Class Dojo. We look forward to meeting all of our families at parent teacher conferences the week of September 10-14!

In Math, students will be finishing up their first place value unit. At this time, students should be able to understand, use, and compare numbers in all 3 forms: standard, expanded, and word. Students should be becoming increasingly confident and fluent using strategies for addition and subtraction of larger numbers (up to 1,000,000!). Rounding is also a skill that will continue to be revisited throughout the year. In September, students will begin working to extend their knowledge of multiplication and division to larger numbers and a variety of new contexts. Factors and multiples will be examined to classify numbers as prime and composite!

In Science, students will continue to work in the physical science strand. We will explore the difference between potential and kinetic energy, the relationship between energy and speed, how energy can be converted into other useful forms, and investigate the use of waves in light and technology.

During Literacy, we will continue to analyze the narrative and expository text features. In writing, students will learn to use verb tenses in reading and writing with an emphasis on progressive verbs. We will revisit and review how sensory language enhances character development in a text. Students will work at becoming proficient with using narrative writing elements.

Social studies instruction will begin by wrapping up a unit on Native Americans in Tennessee from the Paleo to the Mississippian periods. Our next unit discusses the exploration and colonization of the Americas.

Grade 5

Fifth grade math will be working on multiplication and division strategies, with a concentration on the standard US algorithm for multiplication. In science, we are learning about the engineering design process, using it as a framework for the rest of our science content.

In ELA, in alignment with the Fifth Grade ELA Unit 2, we will focus on individuals in the Civil War. The bulk of our social studies work will be tied into our ELA studies. We will be reading multiple articles to deepen our knowledge and understand the challenges these people had to overcome.

Related Arts Updates

Hello There Lincoln Families!

The Lincoln Related Arts teachers are excited to be getting back in the swing of things with our Lincoln Lions! We have had a terrific start to the year in Library, Gym, Art, and Music classes. We are excited to see what the rest of the year will bring!


In an effort to encourage a positive and rigorous learning environment in all Related Arts classes, the Related Arts team has developed a set of 5 behavior expectations which are being implemented in all Related Arts classes.

Related Arts Student Behavior Expectations:

1. Follow entrance and exit procedures

2. Treat others the way you want to be treated

3. Use whole body listening, raise hand to speak

4. Participate and follow directions the 1st time

5. Be safe and use all materials correctly

The Lincoln Related Arts teachers are requesting that all parent/guardians review these expectations with their children in order to make sure that everyone is on the same page with regards to how they are expected to behave in these special classes. When we all do our part, we can learn more and have more fun! Thank you for your support!

Related Arts Positive Behavior Program:

In an effort to promote rigorous learning and positive character development in all Related Arts classes, the Related Arts teachers have implemented a positive behavior program with students. Students are scored as a class each time they visit a Related Arts class with regards to the 5 behavior expectations mentioned above. When classes demonstrate the 5 behavior expectations, they earn points. Each class sets a point goal at the beginning of each week. The students then work together to try and achieve that point goal before the end of the week. When classes meet their point goal, they are awarded a sticker to place on a Related Arts behavior tracker. When classes collect 6 stickers, they are eligible to visit the “treasure chest” and choose a prize. Again, the positive behavior program has already been put into effect and is encouraging great choices from all of our students. As a by-product of the on task behavior in Related Arts classes, teachers are seeing tremendous engagement and learning from all of our students. Should a parent/guardian have any questions about the Related Arts positive behavior program, do not hesitate to contact a member of the Related Arts team.

Art Class

We are off to a great start in art class this year! I just wanted to share a few things about art class this year.

  • If you would like your student to have an art smock to help protect their clothes during art class, please send a t-shirt they can wear over their clothes to school in a ziplock bag with their name on it to bring with them to art class.

  • I have been encouraging students especially in grades 3-5 to bring a sketchbook with them to art class. This is not a requirement, but if students want to bring a notebook with them to art class they may. Students will be using sketchbooks to practice their drawing skills. The dollar tree is a great place to get a sketchbook.

Follow Art Class on Twitter @LincolnLionArts

Music Class

Welcome back Lincoln Lions! We have had a great time so far singing, saying, dancing, and playing in music class. Take a look at what’s to come for this next month of September.

September Learning Goals:

  • Pre-Kindergarten:

    • I can demonstrate the behavior expectations of the music classroom.

    • I can “echo sing” with Mr. Wallingford.

    • I can demonstrate how to use my whisper, talking, singing, and shouting voices.

  • Kindergarten:

    • I can “echo sing” with Mr. Wallingford.

    • I can demonstrate how to use my whisper, talking, singing, and shouting voices.

    • I can demonstrate a kinesthetic, aural, and visual awareness of the steady beat of the music.

  • 1st Grade:

    • I can demonstrate a kinesthetic, aural, and visual awareness of the melodic contour of the music.

  • 2nd Grade:

    • I can demonstrate a kinesthetic, aural, and visual awareness of the singing note “la.”

  • 3rd Grade:

    • I can demonstrate a kinesthetic, aural, and visual awareness of the singing note “do.”

  • 4th Grade:

    • I can visually identify instruments of the orchestra.

    • I can compare and contrast instruments of the orchestra.

  • 5th Grade:

    • I can prepare for a Veterans Day singing performance.

If you have a question about your child’s learning in music class, do not hesitate to email Mr. Wallingford at Also, feel free to catch a glimpse of what is happening in music class by following us on Twitter, @Musical_Lions. Parents/guardians can also see monthly updates as to what we are learning in the music classroom by visiting the music class website,

Physical Education

We’re back in the swing of things and are having a moving year in the gym! Our before school walking program has started. I meet one grade level (1st - 5th) in the auditorium at 7:40 and we proceed to the track or gym for some brain waking and healthful physical activity! Make sure your child wears tennis shoes on these days as well as their regular Physical Education day. The days for each grade level are:

First Grade: Tuesday

Second Grade: Thursday

Third Grade: Friday

Fourth Grade: Wednesday

Fifth Grade: Monday

In the first quarter kindergarten and first grade are working on safe self management skills, locomotor skills, animal movements, manipulative skills (striking balloons, throwing frisbees, beach ball kicking) in isolation, and moving to music. The second and third grades are learning simple lead up games such as tag, keep away, combining movement skills into skill sequences and applying skills in partner games. They’ll also be using technology items such as pulse bars and stopwatches to analyze their physical activity. Fourth and Fifth graders are working on applying strategies in more complex games, and generalizing skills into a variety of sports activities. They’ll also be engaged in cooperative activities and fitness self assessment.

I’ll be sending home a more detailed parent letter soon, but feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. I look forward to learning with your students this year!


Mrs. McReynolds and Mrs. Ewers are excited to have the Lions back and checking out books from the school library! This month the K-2 classes have been learning about library expectations, where things are in the library and how to care for our precious library books! The upper grades have been focusing on learning about ourselves as readers - what are our reading interests and what is our purpose for reading so when we come to the library we are focused on choosing books that are a good fit and help us to learn and grow!


The Scholastic Book Fair will be in the library during the week of September 17 - 21!

Look for the book fair flyer with all the pertinent information soon!

LIncoln Lions Are

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Safe

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