Karis Thomas

What are some big ideas I learned about currents?

*Tidal currents are predictable because of the 'pattern' in which change and flow.

*Thermohaline circulation is a process in which the difference of density in the water is forcing the water, because of the temperature (thermo) and salinity (haline) in the ocean.

*Currents are important in order to sustain the balance of life on our planet.

How does this information effect our life?

The information in the article affects our lives by informing us of what types of currents are out there and what are some causes for currents. This helps us take precaution for when we go out, especially near the water. This information also informs us on how to know when there is change in currents with the ocean, so we know when it's safe to be in the water and when it's not.


Some questions I still have are...

*Strong currents can be violent, but are they harmful towards marine life or microscopic marine life? If so, how?

*what causes thermohaline circulation?