Houston Marino

The country that I am doing is Iran

  • The capital of Iran is Tehran.
  • The population of Iran is 79,853,900 people. As of 2013.

Physical Features

  • The mountaimare
  • Albroz mountains
  • Zagros mountains
  • Mt. Damavand

Geographic Boundaries

  • North of Iran is Turkey.
  • South of Iran is India.
  • East of Iran is Afganistan.
  • West of Iran is Iraq.


1.} During the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Iraq decided to take advantage of the unrest and organized a surprise to invade Iran.

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2.} A group of Iranian protesters took over The U.S Embassy in Iran and kept 56 staff members hostage for 444 days.

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3.} In June 2013 religious Hassan Brouhaha was elected president.

4} In 2003 an earthquake in southeast Iran killed 40,000 people.

People and Places

1} The official language in Iran is Persian or Farsi.

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2}The square miles in Iran is about 636,372 and the square kilometers is 1,648,195.

3} The capital of Iran is over 7 million people.

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4} About 51% of Iranians are Metternich or Persian.


1} Soccer is the most popular sport in Iran.

2} The best known holiday in Iran is Nehru which is the beginning of the year like we have New Years Eve .

Life Style continued

3} Iranian kids start elementary school when they are 7 years old.

4} Boys like to spend time outside playing soccer.


1} On Yalda the longest night of the yaer Iranians get together as families and read poem.

2} If you wanted to get married your parents have to pick your wife or husband in Iran.

Facts continued

3} About 2 thirds of the population now live in cities.