Contemporary Reading

By Clay Budach


  • Coach Ken and Martin from Training Camp by Jon Gordon is like the relationship I share with Coach Larid in the weight room.
  • He has gave me the professional advice and guidance I need everyday and is always teacher me new ways to better myself.
  • In the book Lead for God's sake by Todd Gongwer it gives "the stick figure," this is used to describe true leadership.
  • It describes leadership as influence you have on those around you + responsibility and it all begins in the heart for a certain purpose.
  • These weren't the only things you needed though there were things you needed to put into the heart to get results out, Embracing your position, loving the people you deal with everyday, setting priorities, and living passionately but the reward and fear are also used to keep things in line.
  • You then get things out of the people you are influencing like will, love, and passion.
  • I think Coach Umthun has been my living model of this figure for me and encouraged me to be that model of excellence as well

Begining versus now

  • I have I really haven't changed from the beginning to now in my honest opinion not because I haven't applied myself but because we haven't done anything to prompt a change.
  • I feel I am still the leader I was and I don't think that is a bad thing.
  • I do feel good about the connections I have made with some of the children and it has helped me understand the mentoring aspect better.

Reflection of greatest accomplishments

  • Academic success throughout the semester (me)
  • Honorable mention in the district for football (me)
  • Connections made with mentoring kids (myself and them)

Unexpected situations

  • I didn't expect to become attached to some of the kids I was dealing with. We handled this by slowly breaking off connections with them.
  • I didn't expect the kids to have make an impact on my life like I was having one on theirs
  • You look forward to seeing them everyday and helping them out

How has this class changed my future plans?

  • This class has helped me assure I want to be working with people the rest of my life and helping them but not young children
  • I think they can be enjoyable to work with in moderation but I definitely couldn't be a teacher
  • I want to work with kids that are more mature

Leadership applications

  • Be in the weight room everyday and be a model of consistency and excellence
  • Use my mentor skills to to impact as many lives as I can
  • Become a coach once graduating high school
  • I will still be able to be in weight room everyday also and puts me in a better position to make a difference

Biggest Impact

  • Coach Umthun has had the biggest impact on me throughout the last semester as well as the last 3 years
  • He holds me accountable for everything I do and encourages me to be the best I can be no matter what it is

Leadership artifacts

"Leaders should influence others in such a way that it builds people up, encourages and endifies them so they can duplicate this attitude in others." - Bob Goshen

"Don't confuse "leadership" with a "leadership role." Leadership roles can be assigned but true leadership is demonstrated."