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April 2, 2021


  • April 2nd: High School JackBox Game Night (info below)

  • April 16th: Spring Mini-Enrichment Session sign-ups (info below)

  • April 21st: High School Parent Educator Workshop 10:00am-11:30am (info below)

  • April 23rd and 26th: Spring Recess, No school

  • April 28th: Spring Mini-Enrichment begins

  • May 25th: High School Graduation Ceremonies! (more info to come)

  • May 26th: 8th Grade Promotion Drive-Through (more info to come)

  • May 27th: Last Day of School

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It's time for our kiddos to S H I N E! We know they'll do their best on the test.

Spring Mini-Enrichment Session!

Who: This is open to a limited number of students in grades K-8th

When:Wednesdays from 9-11am: April 28, May 5, May 12, and May 19

Where: On the Byron campus

Cost: $50 charged to your child’s budget

Many safety measures will be in place:

  • Masks must be worn by staff and students.

  • Students will be distanced by 6 feet in the classroom and there will only be 10 students in each classroom.

  • Health screenings (a questionnaire when you drive up to the double doors to confirm that your child is asymptomatic and a temperature check) will happen before entering school.

  • There will not be any food allowed on campus and there will not be snack or lunch breaks

Sign ups will be sent out by your Advisor on Friday, April 16th. Please remember class size is limited.

Here are the fun classes that will be offered!

K-1 Spring Insect and Garden Unit

Teacher: Cyrina Smith

We will study how things grow and the life cycle of plants and insects. We will be doing some hands on learning and some fun art.

2nd-3rd Animals Around the World

Teacher: Hollie Fox

We can't cover all 8.7 million animal species, but each week we will explore a different region and some of the animals that live there. We will learn about the local climate, food sources, and environment needed for these unique animals to thrive. During class we will explore each region through a variety of activities, videos, and projects. By the end of our session, students will be sure to discover many creatures to be in awe of.

3rd-4th STEM

Teacher: Gina McCarthy

What does Humpty Dumpty do AFTER the fall? What is the Most Magnificent Thing? What do YOU do with an idea? Join me as we use literature to explore STEM concepts. Reading about characters who keep trying and never give up, we’ll use what we read as inspiration for our own creations! We’ll help Humpty Dumpty fly, we’ll create magnificent things and we’ll bring our inventive ideas to life with lots of hands-on learning using a variety of everyday materials! What will YOU create?

4th-5th: Project-Based Math//Geometrocity

Teacher: Pam Jacobson

Students will be creating their own cities using 2D and 3D designs. They will learn geometric terminology, area, surface area, and mapping on a coordinate plane which they will apply to their creative town. Nets will be built to form a colorful geometric city to scale. Students will need to create a design, apply for permits, construct 3D buildings, and map out their city. This class is designed to build skills in geometry and extend learning to form a city including buildings of their choosing. Students will be expected to consider tourism and traffic flow to challenge their thinking. Students will use problem solving, art, and math in their creations.

5th-6th ART

Teacher: Yvette Schumacher

Let’s get messy! Everything we will be working on has the likelihood of getting you dirty! Fun projects with clay? Yes!! Paint? You bet!! Paper mache? That sounds fun!! Let’s get our creative juices going and get messy with art!

7th-8th:Artistic approach to Drafting and Architecture

Teacher: Krystal Emery

Artistic approach to Drafting and Architecture. We’ll begin with drafting a dream bedroom using creativity, math and problem solving skills. Then we will expand that idea to create a home for that dream bedroom. We will also explore architecture of different buildings and the art form of them. Students will work with perimeter, area, scaling using basic ratios, compass to form triangles, rulers/measurement, drafting keys, floor planning, art and creative thinking. We will work on all math skills together and it will be basic, so no fear if you're not great with math!

High School Parent Educator Workshop--April 21 10:00am-11:30am

We are so pleased to be offering a workshop for parent educators, focused specifically on high school! We know that many of our past workshops have focused on those early grades, but high school parent educators would like the opportunity to grow as educators and collaborate with their peers as well! This is for all of you, and also for those of you who will soon have high schoolers and would like a look into the future.

We have a veteran high school parent and our high school counselor joining us to talk about what homeschooling in high school looks like from a parent perspective. Below are some questions that they will address and we are also looking to you to add your own questions, using the RSVP link below. Please join us--zoom link below!


Zoom Link
(Meeting ID: 816 7942 6012)

Our presenters will address these questions and more:

1. What are the biggest differences between homeschooling K-8, and homeschooling in high school?

2. What tips do you have for course selection?

3. What does homeschooling, from a parent perspective, differ between

  • onsite classes
  • online classes
  • independent study courses

4. What are ways to inspire your high schooler to take ownership of their courses and help them be more independent?

5. What are some ways to help your high schooler schedule/pace out their work?

6. What is something to look forward to with homeschooling in high school?

7. What is something to watch out for with homeschooling in high school?

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Mental Health Moments

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Rest is such an important part of our mental health!

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PE Video

Here's a fun activity you can do that was put together by a student in our high school leadership class.
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Distance Learning

We'd love to see pictures and videos of you learning from home!

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Speak Up for Safety!

We love when our students are able to share concerns with us directly, but having an anonymous option is really helpful for some! We have a safety line in place for this.





Do you live in Contra Costa County and need WiFi support?

Library Launches Wi-Fi Hotspot Lending

Click here to find details about checking out a hot spot from the library!
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The office is open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10a-1p.

The Lending Library is closed until further notice.

Parking at Vista Oaks

Please do not park along the fence or in the lot in front of our school. Those spaces are reserved for the Byron School District Office. Thank you!

We collect Box Tops!

Box Tops are going digital! Download the app, set it for our school then simply scan your receipt! Thank you!

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