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June 3, 2019

High School Band: Thank you for such a nice job at Graduation! Thank you, Seniors for playing with us one last time!

High School & 8th Grade Bands: Thank you for your excellent performances at the Memorial Day Parade & Cemetery Ceremony! Well Done!

Success Rewarded!

Earlier this year, we had an old school-owned baritone break. The repair company told us it would be more to fix than replace due to age, the extent of the damages, and availability of parts.

With permission from our administration, Mr. Emeigh offered a deal to the 8th grade band. If they earned a division 1 at district festival, they would all sign the broken baritone, Mr. E would run over the baritone with his car and then we would mount it in the band room for all to see.

The 8th grade band earned their division 1 back in March. Last Friday, the weather was good enough for the "smashing" to occur. As you can see, it was a hit (literally). Next time you visit the middle school band room, look for the smashed baritone up on the wall as a reminder of this 8th grade band's successful year.

Uniforms are past due. They need to be turned in for cleaning or students will have to pay for the full replacement cost of the uniform.

Booster Meeting in 1 Week

Next Monday, June 10th will be our final band booster meeting of the year. We are needing to fill the President and Secretary positions. Please contact Mrs. Rosselit ( if you are interested in these positions or would like more information.

This final meeting will discuss plans for band camp and beginning of the school year start-up.

Our booster meetings are at 7:00pm in the HS band room. You should use the back entrance (Door A12) to enter for these meetings.

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