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life with sign language

The story of my dad being deaf begins at age 11. My dad was playing football outside with his friends.When he tried to dive and catch the ball he crashed into the grand and then someone stepped on his head with klet and rupture his eardrum like a bon kruch nedus and you can hear the eksb oshon like a kanun firing! He went home and he hit the book’s. He woke up the next day drowsy and turned on the tv. He could not hear the booming of the tv he turned it up to a screaming 100! He still can't hear it. His parents woke up in a grupy hase and deaf.

Interviewing mom and dad-

My mom says that sign language is basically her life! if my dad was not deaf they would not mary or meet. My mom were coping signs at church. She sign decint but people thought she was an expert so they sent her to learn more. My mom met him and bottaboom we were born.

Z Life

My mom is the boss at Z literally and figuratively my mom helps people that have deaf friends. Z has camera when you call Z then your friend can communicate with people and family. Let me explaning it better you call them when the deaf dude sees z personel she/he sign wut you are saying

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