The buses NEED to get BETTER

We want the buses to get A.C./Heaters that work

Is the quality worth the cost?

We think the state of the buses we have now is bad. "Some of the seats have all the stuffing ripped out of them. Its like some kid took a knife and just ripped the stuffing out." as one high schooler said.

A.C. usually doesn't work on the buses

The A.C. and Heaters usually don't work on the buses, so during the winter the buses are extremely cold and during the summer the buses can get extremely hot. We propose that the quality of the A.C. and heaters on the buses gets better.

The buses are starting to get too small

The buses are staring to get too small for our growing district. There is less room to fit all the students. Some of the subdivisions have to use two buses to get all the students to the school.

Give us buses that work well