Large-Scale moving assembly line

By: Aliyah G.

The moving assebly line By: Henry Ford

Henry Ford

Henry Ford came up with the idea for the large scale moving assembly line in 1913. He came up with this invention to help move the prosses of assembly. The invention of the "Large-Scale Moving Assembly Line" such a sucsess.His invention would change the world.
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Large-Scale Moving Assembly Line

Henry Ford created the assembly line to speed up the proses of assembly. It orginally took  about 16hr to creat one car. The assembly line speed up the prosses so they could make one car in half the time. The assembly line helped speed up the prosses of assemblying a "Modle T Ford" car.

Assembly line

The " Large-Scale moving assembly line was a vary imporant in the industrial revolution.It helped increas the proverty for people. It also helped get more cars built, so more people could bye. It also helped decrase the amout of mony for the cars.

Moving Assebly today

Today The assembly line is much differnt from back then. It has improved over many,many,many years.For example, they are no longer using people, they now use machins.It looks totaly diffrent frome the ones from 1931.

You may see the diffreces below

100 Years of the Moving Assembly Line in 100 Seconds

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The video above shows some of the history of the assembly line through out the years.