STEM Challenge Day

December 6,2013

December 6, 2013 is the first official STEM Challenge day at Western Elementary School.

Our students Pre-k through 5th grade used the engineering design process to build the best airplanes possible. Each class tested and retested to see who can launch their plane the furthest by class. Also, Donald White, the science curriculum director for the county came by to get everyone excited about science.


Please ask your child about GRASP. Grasp is code for our universal screener. Each student will be screened with test in reading and math skills. These screeners give us information on how well your child is doing, how well we are doing, and how to group students to help meet their needs during our flex time. If you have any questions please contact your teacher.


STEM Challenge Day

We would love to hear your feedback about STEM and all the exciting things we are doing at Western this year.

Kindergarten Christmas program is December 17th at 6:00.