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Fence Factory (http://www.fencefactory.com/) is your one stop shop for all of your fencing needs. We specialize in the manufacture, sale and installation of a wide variety of fencing and related products, including residential, commercial and industrial fencing.

If you need a fence for perimeter protection, ornamental is the way to go. This type of fence provides excellent security while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Not only is ornamental fencing highly customizable, there are also many practical applications for ornamental fences.

A major benefit to ornamental fences is security. They can be extremely difficult to climb and are among the more effective types of security fencing available. They are nearly impossible to tear down and a tall wrought iron fence with sharp cap posts are also nearly impossible to scale.

Ornamental fences are also customizable to fit any of your needs. However, because of this they require a complex installation process that should be handled by a professional fencing contractor.

There are different types of ornamental fencing, the two most popular are aluminum and iron. Aluminum fencing is known for being more maintenance free than other types of fences. Because you choose the color of your aluminum fence, you are not required to paint it. Another advantage is the different styles that are available. Also, you have a choice in the quality of the aluminum you require. There are more affordable residential quality aluminum fences and more expensive, endurable industrial grade aluminum fences.

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At Fence Factory (http://www.fencefactory.com/), we believe that no project is too large or too small. We work with residential clients, do-it-yourself projects, commercial clients and government facilities. We pride ourselves in our selection and service. From chain link, wood, ornamental to vinyl- we have the materials you need. We also carry a wide assortment of gates and access controls.