That's right, that's our new TEAM NAME!!!!


Well, summer is coming to an end now (BOO) and if you are like me... I have enjoyed EVERY minute of it and have hardly even worked my business at all :( BUT... now I'm ready to get back in the swing of things and to start earning some money... My goal this year is to have a FINANCIALLY stress free Christmas!!! Who's with me?! I am ready to grow my sales and my team and I am ready to help YOU do the same!! I'm super excited to let everyone know about my first incentive and even better yet about my PROMOTION INCENTIVES!!!!! I am PUMPED about what I am about to tell you and I have decided to offer something as a promotion gift that I hope everyone will like!!! My goal is to 1. appreciate all of you for your hard work... (promotions take work and they deserve to be recognized)!! 2. Make our team a well known and desired to team to join! Let's take over not just West Georgia ladies but as let's reach out as far as we can!!! Let's grow our team as large as we can and let's encourage each other along the way! If we have a fun, and knowledgeable team we can encourage people to sign up under our team rather than another team that may not be as helpful. (That's one of the biggest things I walked away from at Conference... knowledge of your business and being willing to help others makes a HUGE difference to DIW's when they are choosing who to sign up under!) So, I will start first with the promotion incentives! My first promotion incentive is for promoting to Team Leader! When you promote to Team Leader you will receive a $50 VISA gift card from me!! That sounds pretty fun right?! But... look out... the rest of these are all true Tiffany & Co products and come in "The" little blue box!!! How exciting is that!!!! For now they are available to my first 4 levels down!!

If you are close to promoting and are unsure of the requirements you need to meet please call or email me and I will help you understand! It took me a few times to remember exactly what it takes!! (Also, remember that once you do start promoting you will have to meet your PV each month and your team will have to meet its CTV each month in order to get paid at your promotion level). Once again, be sure to call me if you aren't sure because it might be confusing at first ;)

Sales Incentive for August and September!

Since we are all just getting back into business I thought we would start out slow and build up momentum! For August EVERYONE who's sales reach $250 will receive either a new dangle or window plate (your choice) from me when they come out!! For EACH $250 in sales you reach now through September 30th you will receive one entry into a drawing for the picture below! This is what I use for my "Take Out" Parties!! Basically, I put a variety of products inside with some catalogs, order forms and hostess rewards flyers and I use them for people who are doing catalog parties! They are a great way to increase sales! Since our products are still so new, sometimes people have trouble deciding what to order (when it is just a catalog party) without being able to actually see the products, esp the chains! I have had great success with this! (I would type up a disclaimer for the hostess to sign saying if any product is missing or broken it comes out of her rewards... that will make sure she is ultra careful in who she passes it on to and will be sure to get it back... I promise, you'll want to do this)!!

I am super excited to begin offering incentives to everyone and I hope to be able to keep them up... (the dollar amount of the incentives will obviously depend on the sales for the month ;)! And I hope to have a variety of different things so that there will be something everyone will love along the way!!

I am asking ONE thing from each person on my team... PLEASE PLEASE shoot me a quick email ( or text (770-862-2671) letting me know 1. that you received and read this newsletter (if I don't hear from you I'll assume you didn't get it) and 2. whether or not you are interested in doing some training in the near future. I'd love to have another training meeting to go over some things I learned at conference if there is enough interest. I'm looking forward to hearing from each of you!! XO, Sheri