Oil Spills cost lives!

Wildlife in Danger!

Oil Spills can harm wildlife in two ways. The oil itself and the cleanup process that follows.

The oil itself can be harmful because it has chemicals that are poisonous. This can affect wildlife from internal exposure to oil, through inhalation and from external exposure through skin and eye irritation. Oil can also smother some small species of fish or invertebrates and coat feathers of birds.

The cleanup process that follows

The cleanup process can be harmfull because of the chemicals that are used like: CoRexit9527 which does not dissapear but it gets blown arround the ocean by the wind and by the currents. Because it never disolves each time it is used there is more of it harming the wildlife and the ocean. It can kill someone very easily by getting into your skin and slowly eating away your flesh.

How are Oil Spills in our oceans effecting creation?

Our oceans are full of marine life that rely on clean water to live. In this clean water, coral, fish and plant life grow which marine animals need to survive. They use coral as hiding places to protect themselves against predators. They swim between the plants and feed off the plants as well as the anenomes floating around. There are billions of krill and plankton that depend on this environment for their survival.

Some of the visual effects of oil spills in our oceans...

Creation V's Harming Creation

With a large number of ships travelling around the oceans of our world, transporting cargo from one country to another, accidents are bound to happen. Here we must ask - what is more important - Gods creation of oceans and its marine life, or the money that is made from transporting cargo in this way.

How can we slow down the harming effects of oil spills

1. Stop using the harmful chemicals that are not biodegradeable.

2. Stricter shipping laws so that ships are safe when they leave the docks.

3. International Spills Campaigh to make people aware of the affects on our environment.

4. Banning dangerous chemicals in Australia that are banned in other countries, such as CoRexit9527

Ships who have contributed to the major oil spills in 2013


This is a picture of CoRexit9527. It is a dangerous non biodegradeable chemical that is used to clean up oil spills. It is banned in many countries, but not in Australia. It is first sprayed on an oil spill as a liquid, then it begins to cluster together and harden and eventually it turns into extremely toxic rocks like this picture. Gods oceans are being destroyed by big buisness. The need for humans to make money is making them less careful with our environment. Maybe the world should start thinking about how to better care for our oceans and waterways.