By: Xander V. Jeb G. Kelsey K. Valerie L. David L.

What is biofuel ?

Biofuel is energy made from living organisms

plants, vegetable oil etc.


Ethanol is a type of alternative energy made by tiny organisms eating, and producing alcohol to be mixed with gasoline when purified. unfortunately harvesting uses energy coming from gas and can also cause food shortages.


It costs less energy to make and it can be made of vegetable oil animal fats and grease from restaurants and used in any car. When used it powers any gas powered devices and creates less greenhouse gas. However it solidifies at low temps and uses lots farmland.

Experimental Biofuel

There are experimental biofuel such as celluloic ethanol that uses uneatable plants to make and oil made from algae the plant that produces more oil than any other plant and grows 30 times faster in any condition in the future this will give many countries energy security.


Animal dung can be rotted to make gas or dried to burn as fuel. Bacteria eats dung to release gas used for cocking heating and electricity. Biomass is burning wood, plants garbage, manure and sewage. Burning trash is almost as effective as coal but it pollutes the air. Methane is made by bacteria digesting waste, waste companies already use methane.
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