January 15th


Ettabetta is our newest Superkid! She loves all types of puzzles and games. Ettabetta invites the other Superkids to work with her on her puzzle book. They love to work with Ettabetta on some of the different puzzles in the book. One of our favorites was the mystery word page. There were pictures at the top of each row, and we needed to write the first letter in each word on the line below. Then, we had to sound out the word and find the picture to match the mystery word! The biggest challenge we are having with this new superkid is that we sometimes confuse the short e sound with the other short vowel sounds. We have been working hard to sound out words and figure out the middle vowel sound. At home, please check to see if this is something your kindergartener can do independently by saying a word (dog, flag, sled, pin) and asking what the vowel sound (or middle sound) is in the word. You could also see if he/she can spell some of these words independently.
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As we continued our addition and subtraction unit, we have started to develop a great understanding that addition is the concept of putting parts together to create a whole and that subtraction is taking a part away from the whole leaving the other part. We also began to write addition and subtraction equations to represent our use of the part-part whole workmat. I would talk through an example and the students would need to come up with the equation to represent the problem. This required them to figure out if it was a subtraction or addition equation and which symbol (+ or -) to use in their equation. The kindergarteners were impressive with their ability to distinguish between the two after only a couple weeks of addition and subtraction!
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As we finish tying up the loose ends of our narratives, we are looking forward to start our informational writing. We will be focusing on writing 'How To' books. We will start by writing a 'How To' book as a class. We will brainstorm some of the things we are experts at or know how to do very well. Then, we will write our own 'How To' book in the coming weeks.
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