I am a Seal Team Six Warrior

Memoirs of an American Warrior

What is a Navy SEAL?

A acronym SEAL stands for the Navy's sea, air, and land forces. They are expertly trained for highly specialized, challenging warfare that go beyond regular military forces. This includes direct action warfare, special reconnaissance(rəˈkänəsəns), counter terrorism and also foreign internal defense. They are the Navy's equivalent of a special operations force or better known as Special OPS. It will provide you first hand accounts of various adventures from a former SEAL. It will give you some insight it to the clandestine nature of what goes on to protect our Nations interests.

What is the difference from a navy seal and a team six navy seal?

The are some differences and similarities from the Navy SEAL team six and the other Navy SEAL teams. The other Navy SEAL teams are the U.S. Navy's elite force for direct action warfare, special reconnaissance, counter terrorism and foreign internal defense. The Navy SEAL team six does just the same. Except for one thing the Navy SEAL team six is the best of the best.
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Stephen Templin

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Howard E. Wasdin