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"S'MORE" to LEARN in 2nd GRADE

September is in Full Swing!

It's been a great week of diving into our curriculum! There is SO much learning going on! We have already covered a lot and are continuing on, full-speed ahead. A few ways to review this week's content:

  • Ask them to find a few real-life objects that are 2-D shapes. If you really want to challenge them, ask them to explain to you the attributes of a polygon!
  • Have them tell you a few characteristics of a good citizen.
  • Ask them to share with you the procedures for "Read to Self".
  • Have them share with you some of the things they brainstormed for pre-writing ideas. (hint: remind them about their "heart map")

They really seem to enjoy each other and we are building such a strong, happy classroom community! I'm pleased with what I'm seeing, so far. Way to go!

What To Look Forward to Next Week...

  • Reading: continue reading independently to build stamina, Daily 5 Procedures, and introducing "Read to Someone" and "Work on Writing"
  • Work Work: -ck word families (-eck, -ick, -uck, ock, -ack)
  • Social Studies: Rights and Responsibilities of good citizens
  • Writing: Writing conventions (end-punctuation and nouns/verbs)
  • Math: 3-D Shapes and their attributes (ongoing problem solving and basic facts)
  • Science: Weather - measure, graph, and record

As always, information about our weekly objectives can be found on our 2nd grade webpage at :)

A Few More Things...

  • Please make sure you have filled out the online forms in Skyward. (I know many of you have already done this. If so, thank you!!)
  • If you have not already done so, please send class t-shirt order form & payment for PTA. Remember to include your driver's license number on all checks.
  • Check and initial folders daily. Reading together is so important! Make it fun! :)
  • If your child plays any sports or is involved in an activity, please send me a schedule! I can't PROMISE I'll be there, but I'd like to try to make it to an event, if I can.
  • Remember, there is NO SCHOOL on Monday in honor of Labor Day.

As always, don't hesitate to call or email me with concerns or questions...or just to say hello! I look forward to getting to know each of you more as the year progresses.

Have a wonderful weekend!! :)