Forensic Scientist

By: Evan Mennen 3rd hour Science

Career Overview

A forensic scientist goes to the crime scene and picks up evidence to find the suspect. They also work in a lab with all different types of gadgets that help them find there suspect. They also have a personal office for paperwork.
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Things that will make you successful in this career

Good classes to take in high school are: Chemistry, Public Speaking, Physics, Physiology, Anatomy, Technical Writing.

As far as college, I would need Biochemistry, Biophysics, Forensic Science, Criminalistics and Criminal Justice.

Cost of Education

I want to attend Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The cost for 1 year is $41,089. All four years cost $164,356.

Expenses for all 4 years

housing for amount of time in college: $ 23,064

food/groceries for the amount of time I will be in college:$15,280

gas money for travelling/helping pay for carpooling during time at college: $ 7588.27

clothing money for time at college: $6,400

total tuition for total time at college: $164,356


Student Loans, Scholarships, Financial Aid

Yes I will need to apply for a lot of scholarships because my school costs a lot of money. Student Loans probably because I will need help at the beginning.

Part - Time Job

I will get a part - time job at Greenfield Farms because I ride horses there. It will also help you pay of college.

Happiness in Forensic Science

Yes, I will love to be a Forensic Scientist because I will get to find the killer of a crime and will be able to go to crime scenes.

Pros and Cons of a Forsnsic Scientist


1)No two criminal cases

2)go to crime scenes

3)get to find the killer


1)make not as good pay

2)don't interact with people


Are you so one that would like to go to crime scenes and gather evidence? Do you like to work inside and outside?Do you only want to got to school for 4 years? Do you want good pay? Do you want to make $43,130? If you said yes to all of these, then a Forensic scientist would be the job for you.