The One Child Policy being lifted.

Help get people in china their right to have more children.

Life Without Siblings.

I know how it feels to have two older siblings but all of the people in china can not relate to this and I want to help them feel the joy and benefits of having siblings. Help the people of China gain their freedom and enjoy the right to have more than one child.
The pictures above show the way people in China feel about this. Instead of having one big family they have just a small one so there now people want to have more than one child and are going against this policy.

The population is also decreasing or very small there because they can only have one child. The reason it is getting smaller is because for every two people there is only one child to go with them.

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China used to try to make people take pride in having one child. Now people are not going to take it they just want a family and their kids. Help these people get rid of the One Child Policy. If you dont have have to take it then why do they have to take it.
For many years there has been a policy that made every family have only one child, this was because they did not want more than one child in a family to become leader, but this was making many people mad and unhappy. “The policy is widely blamed for worsening China's imbalanced sex ratio, resulting in too few girls and a surplus of boys because families that had one chance at having a kid aborted their daughters. Though other Asian countries with strong son preference and no strict family planning limits also have this problem, China's situation is extreme” this shows that many people are getting mad at this and want it gone also it is affecting the sex ratio.