1-6-17 Study for Final Exam!


Today's Important Info:


Yesterday your EOC Project Part 1 AND Part 2 were due! If you have NOT submitted both parts to your EOC Project, please do so ASAP (you will have late points taken off >.<) Before you submit:

*Please be sure to STUDY for your final exam. This is due NEXT FRIDAY (Jan 13th)

*Be sure to complete the check in survey at the end of this announcement.

Go through your grades:

Make sure you are working on your missing work and submitting them ASAP from lessons 8-13! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

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Use this to Check your EOC Project, before submitting.

Please click on this link to make sure you have everything you need on your EOC Project! ^o^ Please do so before you submit your EOC Project. If you have questions, please ask me.

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Mata Esquedaさん!

Awesome job attending your coaching session this week!! Coach's feedback: "participated well and did good job with particle."


Wonderful job attending your coaching session this week!! Coach's feedback: "Alexander did a great job with particles and translation of Japanese sentences."
Final Exam Study Resources!

Please use this link to find all the links to Quizlets and other items to study for this final exam.

If you are READY for the final exam...

The final exam is open to take now.

There are two parts to the final exam:

  • Part 1: Vocabulary, Grammar
  • Part 2: Katakana

Please be sure to study all of lessons 1 through 13 before taking your final exam. Be sure to review your Katakana. The Katakana part of the exam is HANDWRITTEN. Please be sure to practice your Katakana and study. がんばってください! ^o^