Learning Places

Progress Update

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WebSummit Dublin

Our team just returned from the WebSummit in Dublin, which is called the most influential tech and StartUp event in Europe with over 22.000 attendees, from 100 countries, 600 speakers, 700 investors and 1000 journalists.

Passing their selection process we got granted a both that was extremely helpful in connecting with Media, potential Investors and other StartUps.

We are especially happy that representatives from Trinity College Dublin met us and were eager to be one of the first universities with their Law Masters to be represented on our platform. They even directly invited us to their campus! Trinity College - with over 16.000 students - is recognized in Ireland and European-wide as a leading university.

Technical Developments

At www.learningplaces.net a first version of our website is available to illustrate how we connect universities with students. Have fun checking it out!

However, the real work is going on behind the curtains, where our CTO Roger is doing some magic with our backend, creating the foundations for our database of future university programs and Altea is designing the user-interface of the next pages to appear ;-)