by Valeria Di Stefano

Why stop?

Why stop?

There are numerous reasons why you should stop smoking,the main one is for your health.Smoking is associated with a number of long term effects such as cancer,asthma and heart conditions.

Long term conditions

Apart from causing cancer,asthma and heart conditions it also causes yellowish of the eyes,yellowish of teeth,kidney diseases,trouble breathing.This is why you should stop smoking because of your health.If you smoke you are not just damaging yourself but the people around you are effected by your actions.In today's society there are still women smoking before during and after pregnancy.Most of the times the babies are usually difformed or have diseases.Many women don't make it and have abortions.

If I don't quit what am I losing?

Every cigarette that you smoke you are losing 14 minutes of your life.The average smoker lives 10 years less than a non-smoker.That may not seem a lot of time but some smokers might even leave more than 10 years apart from a non-smoker.There are many stories of people who's survival against smoking's long term effects as been considered to be unexplained.

Why people smoke?

People smoke for different reasons,these are some of the reasons why:

Most people start smoking when they are just teens and are not aware and educated about what smoking is and it becames such a strong addiction they are unable to stop when they reach their adulthood.Some people smoke because for them is a way of calming themselves down after some experience that as traumatized them.Some smoke because its part of their culture.And others are encouraged to smoke or smoke because their parents,companion or friends smoke.