RSI Restaurant Accounting Software

A platform alone is not capable of maximizing outcomes

Increase Hospitality Revenues by Eleven Percent

The profits enjoyed by businesses in the hospitality industry depend a great deal on the restaurant accounting services chosen. Business software accounting products are available for bookkeeping, payroll, reporting, tax purposes, and compliance with state and federal regulations. Business owners can install any one of those and attempt to figure out how best to apply them to current procedures. The result will be profits that align with the industry average, barring any major mistakes.

Hospitality Specific Platform

An industry leader in hospitality accounting, R S I, provides operations training, support with services, and has developed the Lester Hospitality Specific Accounting Platform. Forty years of experience and a team that consists of bank reconciliation specialists, operations trainers, tax experts, and industry-specific accountants, result in client profits that are eleven percent higher than the industry average. The most successful component of the accounting services is education.

Operations Training

A platform alone is not capable of maximizing outcomes if the owner and employees struggle to learn how to use it. The learning curve becomes enormous, and any mistakes made by each user cost the business money. Operations training and best practices education for all end users reduce mistakes and increase knowledge of compliance standards. This attention to detail jump starts the trust and verification accountability system that is one of the benefits of the platform.

Other Benefits

Digital invoice retention and scanning allows the business to go paperless, save some money and trees, and remain in compliance with state and federal documentation retention laws. Those documents are available for inspection and are not taking up physical storage space in the form of boxes lining the walls. This approach also protects the information from water damage, fire, and pest infestation.

The spend management solutions benefit provides innovative tools to manage operations spending, keep weekly track of cash flow, be in total control of payroll, and estimate business taxes. The system works best with a weekly payroll. Owners can develop better scheduling patterns, discover which times or shifts can operate more efficiently with extra staff, and have a real sense of employee performance. Review accounting costs and profit ranges and compare them to the cost and potential increase of industry-specific accounting services.