Eating Disorder Counselor

There is always help

Job Description/Duties

  • Treat people who have developed dangerous eating habits
  • Counselors help people help themselvesHelp people who may end up dying because of the disease they have
  • Most counselors work with teenagers and women
  • May work in clinics, schools, hospitals, or private practice
  • I like the resposibility of helping others, but I wouldn't really like my patients dying

Personal Characteristics

  • Helping others
  • Being able to understand
  • Empathy
  • Able to deal with challenges/struggles
  • Able to handle it
  • A lot of these characteristics are important to me, and help make me who I am


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Education Needed

  • Most counselors take degrees/diplomas in counseling/psychology
  • May even become a medical doctor, allowing them to be psychiatrists
  • A few schools are UNC Charlotte, University of Maryland, and Salisbury University

Work Setting

  • Most counselors work 9-5 days
  • They may be called to act in emergencies
  • Some patients may have the disease for years, so counselors must be willing to work with someone for a long time
  • Clinics, schools, hospitals, or private practice

Wages and Benefits

  • Average Annual Earnings: $47,560
  • Average Hourly Earnings: $22.87
  • No known benefits
  • I do see this occupation providing enough income for me according to my expectations

Employment Outlook

  • Increasing
  • 2008-2018 growth rate: 22.4%

Personal Assessment

I think this occupation would be good for me, because I like to help people out. I know people struggle with these diseases, and I would like to help pull them through.I think this fits my personality because I like to help out and try to help people through there situations