Energy Depletion

Ways To Save Energy

What is being done to prevent it

  • you can recycle
  • you can use cars with solar panels
  • some people us wind power which are wind mill
  • you can us product that don't us energy
  • ride a bike
  • us energy efficient light bulb and new appliances

Ways you can help at home

  • turn of the light when you leave the room
  • unplug your device when you are not using them
  • play out side
  • use wood to heat your home
  • clean your furnace once a month
  • open your window and not us the ac
  • have a thermal collectors

what will happen if the problem is not solved

We will run out of energy and we wont be able to heat our homes or cook for our family

and we can not watch TV or play video games and can not charge our phone and our lights.

Rhe tons of resources used up will reach 20,000,000,000 and that is not good