Photography of the front line

Micheal Grace March 16th 2015

This is a article of a young woman who put her life on the line so that people can see the true stories of war. Lynsey Addario grew up in a small town and did not have any photography experience. She is now in the heart of the war torn middle east showing the western hemisphere the true horrors of war.

One of her trips took her to the Korengal valley this is one of the most dangerous outpost that the U.S. armed forces established.

She also as picture of Syrian refuges which only captures a small amount of the 9 million refuges that have fled their homes and their country.

India has the highest rate of TB in the world with 2 million cases a year.

In the middle east women are treated very badly for any opposition to what their husband or any male counter part believes.

Real world application

The application of this article is to open the eyes of everyone one on the face of the planet to what is going on in the middle east and all across the world. Things need to change and people need to be helped.
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