Ciara Stewart


Chritians are monotheistic which means they belive in opne god. That god is Jesus Christ who they belive is their savior. Their holy book is the Bible and their holy land is Jerusalem.

Persecution of Christians

The Romans were polytheistic and the Christians were polytheistic. The romans thought the Christians were canibals because the ate the bread and drank the red wine. The wine was the blood of Jesus and the bread was the body of Jesus. the Romasn would put a large group of Chritians in an arena and they would be fed to lions or tigers


The Crusades were a pointless religious war. There was a total of 7 Crusades. all 7 crusades lasted from 1095-1250.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther was a german monk and a Catholic priest. He was the seminal figure of the Christian movement known as the Protestant Refromation. He strongly disputed the claim that freedom from God's punishment for sin could be purchased with monetary values known as the 95 Theses.