Project Erin

Erin Prevo, Block A

Dedicated to the teenage girls of the world. You are the future!

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Erin- The Name of Many Names

Erin. ˈerən/. A noun meaning archaic or poetic/literary for Ireland.

So peacful, yet it rolls off your tongue like freshmen on their first day of school; awkward and out of place. My parents never really had a specific reason for naming me Erin. My mom says, It sounds so pretty. While my dad explains, We saw it in a book once. I was told it was a very good book for having a name like Erin in it.

For the most part, Erin is a very easy name, until you go to Starbucks and they spell it Aaron, Eirn, Eryn, Earon, etc…

Over the years, I have been called so many different names, I have almost lost my identity: E-bear, Pre-Pre, Prevs, Ere- Bear, Little Prevo,Bearness, Kat’s Sister, Mini P, EP, Third P, etc. etc. etc.

Sometimes I wish I could have chosen my own name like Alaska in John Green's, Looking for Alaska; one of my favorite books. Maybe in another life I will be Athena, or Lucy, or even Suki Alice! Or Lucy Marina. Yep... I like that.

Nobody else has the name Lucy Marina; yet another perk of having that name, other than having that as a name. Everywhere I go, another Erin is with me. We shine within the crowd and find each other in the midst of mistrust. My best friend is an Erin! I call her Brownie, and she calls me one of my nick-names, but together, we are Erin Squared. You see, names are nothing, yet they mean everything. A name is something you stand for and who you want to become. So why do others choose them for us?

Maybe you will meet a Lucy Marina. Maybe that will be me.

Emulating My Name

Those Who Don't


The Man Who Keeps Tabs on the Neighborhood

Jerry is the man down the street with the white beard and shaggy house. He keeps tabs on his neighborhood...always.

When I was about seven, Jerry came over to my house. Can I take your dog for a walk?

He has a knife on his belt. He laughs weird. He trained a canary to watch his security cameras for him. He makes racist and sexist comments. And, he keeps tabs on the neighborhood.

Sure, we say. And they walk.

Everyday, after that day, Jerry would walk our golden retriever. 2,920 some-odd nights later, he still is. Every night, Jerry comes to our house at 8:15 and comes back at 9:00; except on Saturdays, when he walks at 6:30 because of poker night. At this point, my dog probably knows more about my surroundings than I do; as Jerry keeps tabs on the neighborhood.

Trevor spreads unconditional love, and Jerry needs it.

Trevor saved my life, Jerry says one night. How?

My doctor says its from the walking. If we hadn't started, I would have some crazy disease right now! Wow... And that is all we can say.

Christmas Eve 2010, and my dad is having kidney stones. My brother calls the ambulance and my sister and I are asleep. We wake up to the knowledge of two things: Dad is in the hospital, and Jerry came over last night to watch the house while my mom was away.

Jerry still walks every night and 8:15. Some nights he makes a rude comment, but we just ignore it, cause we know Trevor saved his life and he saved ours, and our neighborhood is better for it.

Emulating The Earl of Tennessee

My Own Place

My own place will scream me.

I want people to walk in and cry, This is so you! Or, Only Erin would live in a place like this!

What is a place like this? Where is a place like this? Why is it Erin's place? I can only imagine.

Semi- busy street with stone roads that glisten when it rains, military red door, vines up the sides of the brook stone and fire escapes. Ten steps, just ten steps to a paradise of hand-painted coffee mugs, mismatched furniture, a spiral staircase, and rows and rows of books, music, pictures, and fabrics.

A place that is like a golden retriever; one that is mellow, but energetic when it wants to be. A place I can call my own. And nobody can take it away from me.

Emulating A House of My Own