MultiMedia Project

By Josh Zabala and Elijah Lee Period 3


In the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry it shows how the american dream is unattainable. The play has Walter trying hard to have everyone listen to him and be on his side for a change but when he finally gets what he wants it blows up in his face leaving his family poor and in despair. This play shows the importance of family when Younger family gets thrown in to situations where their family bonds are tested with each other.

Theme Analysis

The overall theme in this magnificently intriguing play is the importants of family. This play shows how a loving family can be put to the test when an obstacle as big as finance. Way back when " No! And the line between asking and just accepting when the time comes is big and wide. what do you want from me, brother- that i quit school or just drop dead first, which!" (Hansberry 37) Walter and Bentha show how they defer on how the money should be spent not caring about what mama wants.


The main conflict throughout the play is man vs man because everyone in the Younger family has an issue with the someone. This gets in the way of each person's own American dream. When Walter loses the money to Willy Harris, mama feels like what she did to keep the family from falling apart around her was worthless. When Ruth was thinking about getting rid of the baby Walter thought that he knew her and that she would never do something like that but in the end Walter leaves the house without saying another word. This type of conflict in this play makes this family's American dream unattainable because another person's actions gets in the way of everyone's own hopes and dreams.

Characterization & Quest for the American Dream

Mama younger had at first a dream to buy Walter and herself a new house with a garden, but then that changed when big Walter died. She then want for her children to grow up successful with her teachings and provide for each other. They show her remembering back in the film by zooming in on her face as she has a distance gaze in her eyes, while in the text they describe what exactly she is remembering.

Walter lee younger has had the dream to make it big in life and become successful with enough money to finally support his family. We see how passionate Walter gets with mama when he tells her the world has always been about money with a raised voice in the film. He tells her what he feels is true and lets her know that was the way he has always felt.

Beneatha's dream was to go to medical school and become a doctor. When the money was wasted by Walter, her dreams became shattered until Asiguy gave her hope again by asking her to come back to Africa with him and be a doctor there. The film shows her stages of despair and joy very well with benathas acting skills.


Mama has her plant and Walter has his money both of these things are important items in this play. Mama always wanted a nice house that has a garden with big Walter but that never happened because of their kids and the death of big Walter. Over time the plant becomes withered and dried up like mama becomes old and tried. Mama says how they plant is her and that goes to show why she takes it to their new house trying to combine her old dreams with this new one with her family. While Water tries to make something of his life that his family is will be happy with him. The money that Willy Harris took away from the Younger family was the insurance money from big Walter. Walter thought that he could invest in a liquor store with the rest of the money mama gave him but that didn't go the way he thought it would. Willy Harris took away the last thing big Walter would ever give to his family again and that was all because Walter thought he could be trusted.
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While the importance of family is always a good thing to have, it could hold back dreams of the family. The play shows how hard it is to get the American dream with internal conflict with the people you love. The road you take to get your dream can sometimes get in the way of another person's dream. It is a long time before this family got the dream they thought they needed but to much was taken away from them making this dream a nightmare soon to come.

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