Xenon Man // Calvin McSaucer

by Cameron Gamle

How He Became Xenon Man.

Calvin McSaucer was a firefighter for as long as he can remember. He's been on the force for 15 years. One day when getting in a call of a burning factory, he and his partners had to move quick. A leak of gases were let out into the air, so safety gear was critical. Once at the scene the firefighters moved in trying to take out the fire. McSaucer was the first to move towards the fire until he realized his neck gear wasn't strapped on fully exposing his skin to the gases. Once the fire was out after a long fight, Calvin was having grueling hallucinations and was vomiting. When he was home, he walked passed his car battery when the car was on and saw a blue glow. He realized the glow was too much for the human eye to handle, so he thought this is a better alternative for flash bangs, or mace. it simply blinds the viewer for a short duration. Calvin realized he could use this special ability to stop criminals, even expand to the military!

Periodic Table Information

Element- Xenon

Symbol- Xe

Atomic Number- 54

Average Atomic Weight- 121.293

# of Protons- 54

# of Electrons- 54


-A colorless gas, that gives off a blue glow when placed into a high voltage electric field.

-Xenon is naturally occurring in the earth's atmosphere and consists of 8 isotopes

-Is a dense noble gas that occurs in earth's atmosphere in trace amounts

Important Uses

-Xenon is used in flash lamps and arc lamps due to its blue glow it gives off at high amounts of electricity

-Xenon is also being used to search for hypothetical weakly interacting massive particles.

-Also used as the propellant for ion thrusters in spacecraft

Strengths and Weaknesses

-Naturally occurring based on earth's atmospheric make up. Xenon is not harmful on humans.

-Not many compounds can be formed with Xe.