Delaney King

The Work of a Pathologist

In the job of a pathologist, you study things such as hematology, nuclear medicine, the blood bank, and human tissue. Pathologists can find tissue for people to use when they are having an organ transplant and you can look into the tissue to see if it has cancer or not. In some cases, you will find the reason why a person died. You would work inside either a hospital, clinic, or you would work in a medical school. In this job, you need to be able to work with people because you are working with people to find out what problem they have. Sometimes, you work with another to find the cancer, or the tissue, or the other work. If you work in a medical school you are teaching people about the job so you need to have patience with people and be able to cooperate with them. You need to be able to use you head and hands to be a Pathologist. You need to recognize the tissue and make sure it will work. Also, if you are finding out about cancer and if the patient has it, you need to use your head and make sure you are one hundred percent confident with your answer. When you are figuring out how a person died, you need to use your head and hands to find a wound, bruises, or other things to trace the reason why they died. There is a lot of schooling involved with being a Pathologist so unless you are completely committed to this profession, this doesn't work for you. You do get a very set schedule and regular work hours. Sometimes, you will be on call for emergencies but that will be regular hours as well. Every year, you will make about $255, 400 so you make more money than other occupations. If you want to supervise others, this would be a good career for you! You can supervise others in certain situations, but if you don't want to supervise others, then this is good for you too! You can just be a regular employee. In any career, you have to have skills to succeed. In this career, you have to be good in science and a little bit of math. This job isn't for everyone, but if you are interested in anything above, this is for you!
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