April Newsletter

Spring is here!!!

A Message From The Principal's Desk

Dear KHS Families,

April is here and another year is closing in. It's hard to believe that it is year five for me as your principal. I have seen so much growth in our school and in our students over the years. Speaking of growth, we have the annual Iowa Assessment test beginning the week of April 12th. This year we have decided to take the tests in sections in our content areas: English, Math, and Science. Please encourage your child to do their best on the state assessment. Not only do the results represent our school, but they also represent your child and their growth. Please encourage your child to do their very best, as we want fluid data when we look at these results to strategically place students in areas to increase reading and math growth.

Next year, we are looking at several intervention opportunities for students. What does this mean? We will be looking at test results from the Iowa assessment and the MAP assessment to determine whether or not your child needs more services. Literacy, for example, is the foundation of any child's life. We can not take that lightly. The ability to read and write is crucial in today's society whether students are employed or entering college. Literacy is something that will always be at the forefront of their lives. Jobs and opportunities will be determined by first impressions, and being able to speak, write, and read proficiently is a big leg up in all future endeavors. Our teachers do a great deal in the classrooms to promote literacy and we will continue to embed these practices with the "Chiefs Way of Reading," "Reciprocal teaching," and by using "common writing rubrics" throughout. Adding to these practices, these interventions will be a targeted approach to continue to enhance growth in the areas of reading and math.

Also, in April our CTE department will be presenting to the board of directors. We want to spotlight all of the career opportunities that students have at KHS and accomplishments from this year. Furthermore, we want to discuss a great opportunity for our senior students. The class is called "Senior Seminar." This class will be an opportunity for students to explore their career paths, learn about scholarship opportunities, college opportunities, and gain career-ready skills so that they are prepared when they cross the stage in 2022 and beyond. We are excited to bring this class to you. Next year will be a pilot (optional) year for students and we hope to add it as a high school graduation requirement for the class of 2023 and beyond.

It has been an incredibly different year. I said to students, when we started, "to live in the moment." As every day we are in school and have the ability to learn and compete is a great day to be Chief! We must always look at the positives. Please keep communicating with us on how we can better serve your student. After the break, we will be looking at Monday Intervention Time for students that may not be succeeding in multiple classes as an opportunity to stay until 2:00 pm and get caught up on their work. Please encourage your child to be here every day and continue to follow PowerSchool to follow grade updates. I feel the village we build together will always create a strong bridge of success for your child. Have a fabulous and safe Spring break!!!

Educationally Yours,

Adam Magliari

KHS Principal

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National Honor Society Ceremony 2021 (63 Inductees) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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Important information: Masks will be mandatory and Party Busses are PROHIBITED

Iowa High School Battle of the Books

Alandria Kloster and Tabatha Sell competed in the first round of Battle of the Books. They will know if they get to move to the second round on March 29th.
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