Third Grade News from Mrs. C

March 28th - April 1st

Tidbits From the Teacher

It's a Good Day!

It is starting to get very, very busy around here. While I love the warmer weather and the hustle bustle, it makes me a bit sad. All of this movement gets us closer and closer to the end of the school year. (sniff)

Let's all slow down. Way down. I'm not ready for that part...

It's Allergy Season Again!

Students with seasonal allergies will need a doctor’s note in order to stay inside from recess. They will be able to quietly read or draw due to teachers working during that time. **Allergy masks might help if you want your child to play.

If there is a doctor’s note and it’s a high allergen day, please alert me that indoor activities will be needed. (Planner is best in case there is a sub in the room.)

Wish List

handful of extra fine BLACK sharpie pens

Scotch tape in the little plastic dispensers (like you use for gift wrapping).

Dates to Remember

April 1st: 3-5 Assembly

April 7th: Report Cards

April 8th: School Carnival!!

(Buy wristbands here! $5 cheaper until April 1st)

(Volunteer here! I've already signed up to help!!)

(Silent Auction here! I'm auctioning off a Pizza Party and the date can be changed!!)

May 20th: Field Day

What We're Studying and Learning...

Math- Students will be applying the multiplication fact strategies that we have learned this year to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. We will also continue to solve one and two-step problems using multiplication and division.

Reading- This week in reading we will be working on visualization. We will read various examples of rich literature and use our imaginations to create the picture in our minds. We will also be describing our visualizations in our reader’s response notebooks.

Science- Students will be learning about plant traits. They will create a new offspring from two parent plants. They will have a unit test on Thursday. A review was completed in class and we will play a review game on Wednesday.

Writing- We will be taking a district common assessment on grammar. We will also be continuing our work on the classroom book to be published.

**I need all forms back with your signature (whether you are purchasing or not) in order to put your child's work in the book.

“20 for 20” Reading Challenge

Sommer Elementary is issuing a “20 for 20” reading challenge to our families during the month of March! Pledge to read with your children for twenty minutes a day, for twenty days this month. You can read to your child, your child can read to you, or you can read together -- you choose! Enjoy the time reading with your child during this challenge -- we know it will be worthwhile. Look for more information and a reading log in your child’s folder.