Mustang Weekly

Week of May 18th

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"There are two kinds of decisions - The right decision and a lesson learned." - Simon Sinek


2nd-5th Learner Surveys

CISD has designed a learner survey for each 2nd-5th grader to take. The survey is designed to gather input on kids' views of our schools and they social/emotional environment we are fostering. Each 2nd-5th grader must take this prior to May 27th.

2nd-5th Classroom Teachers, please find a time for your class to participate. It may be done whole group or a little at a time. Prior to beginning, please emphasize the importance of taking your time and reading each question carefully.

Thank you! The survey may be found below...

Building Redesign!

I have already noticed the work several of you have done to prep your rooms, clean our storage areas, and toss things we no longer need!

Please share any questions you have about the process with your Team Leader, and we can discuss them tomorrow afternoon at our Team Leader Meeting.

In speaking with several of you, I realized it might help to redistribute the "updated" classroom plans. I know many of you have questions such as, "Will I get a table for small group instruction?" or "Do I really need to send off ______ (fill in the blank)? I'm worried I won't have enough furniture!" These are all valid questions. Let me remind you, though. The new furniture is designed to replace our current furniture, not supplement.

I know it's tough to lose everything in your room and trust that what you will receive will be enough. Check out the plans below. Hopefully they'll help you see that what we're receiving will be enough and will be flexible to meet you and your kids' needs!

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Above = K-3 / Below = 4-5

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Summer Info / Shirt Size

Please take 15 seconds, and complete the Google Form below. This will help me in case I need to reach you this summer with the work in the building. Also, the district is going to provide us our Convocation shirts in advance, so I need to submit Austin's sizes. Thank you!

Morning Announcements

Class - We currently do not have anyone signed up.

Life Principle - Perseverance

Quote - "It's not where you start; it's where you end up. You haven't failed until you've stopped trying." - Author Unknown

Healthy Tip - It's more fun to exercise with friends. Find a game or sport that you can play with your friends.

Week At A Glance...


  • 3:45 EOY Team Leader Meeting - Zenzero


  • Marimba @ NRH2O
  • AM - Cooper @ Principal Meeting


  • 3:30 - Vertical Team Meeting - See email from your Content Specialist regarding your meeting.


  • 8:00 - 1st Grade Fairy Tale Parade
  • District GTI Meeting @ Austin


  • Mustang Mutual
  • E-Time - Visitors @ Austin
  • EOY Testing Window Closes (including MAP)
  • TELPAS CSRs go home
  • 4:30 - EOY Staff Get-Together!

Looking Ahead...

-Sunday - 24th - Happy Birthday Gay!!!

-Monday - 25th - Memorial Day - Enjoy!

-Wednesday - 27th - EOY Data in AWARE, Kinder @ Duck Pond, FOSS Kits on Stage, Last day for Learner Survey

-Thursday - 28th - E-Time, Kinder Musical, Author Visit

-Friday - 29th - Field Day (fingers crossed)