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School District of Indian River County 2023-2024 Offerings

Message from David K. Moore, Ed.D. Superintendent of the School District of Indian River County

Dr. Moore School Choice Welcome
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Through our world class public education system, alongside of our premier instructional staff, we are proud to offer our students a wide array of programs that will inspire and empower all students to maximize their full potential. We are revolutionizing school choice in Indian River County by eliminating the traditional "one-size-fits-all" district model and providing equitable enrollment opportunities and access for all students to all of our schools; allowing families to choose the school with the programming that best meets the needs of their student. Our new school choice model holds true to the goals of our Achieve 2025 District Achieve Plan that promises to transform education by cultivating optimal learning environments to maximize educational outcomes, and realize unprecedented levels of student achievement for every student served by our district. Re-envisioning our school choice model was yet another decision to ensure our actions are always "Best by Kids."
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School Choice

Meet each school principal below and share with them the incredible school choice offerings that are now taking place on each campus. Explore our 13 elementary schools across the district. The school choice window opens November 1st.

Visit our Enrollment Website for more information on the process for school choice.

Beachland Elementary, School of STEAM Enrichment

At Beachland Elementary we challenge every student to reach their highest potential in a safe and caring environment. Through science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM), our mission is to increase student achievement for all students with enriched curriculum, engaging lessons, critical thinking and problem-solving, and real world application. As a Beachland shark, students ride the WAVE of success being warmhearted, active and attentive, vigilant, and enthusiastic for learning!

Beachland Elementary School

Citrus Elementary, School of Community Citizenship

Citrus is a a school of community citizenship. The staff inspires all students to be a part of our community where everyone "Bee-longs." Our goal is to develop learners who are service oriented. We build empathy and cooperation amongst one another, in hopes of developing future community and service leaders.

Citrus Elementary School

Dodgertown Elementary, STEAM Tech Community Partnership School

Dodgertown Elementary School is a STEAM Tech Community Partnership school that provides a safe learning environment where students can work to reach their full potential. We are Treasure Hunters who believe that ALL students are capable of success, no exceptions! Our standards-based curriculum provides engaging student-centered opportunities that allows students to demonstrate mastery of concepts. Our students and staff rise to the high expectations of teaching and learning.

Dodgertown Elementary School

Fellsmere Elementary, Dual Language School

Fellsmere Elementary School is always on a mission to become better for its mighty mustang students, awesome parents, competent teachers and supportive city. It is a school, that from the minute you step in, you experience that we exist to empower globally competent learners, while bridging cultures, languages, and academics. The school culture and climate runs on the belief that to be an elementary student nowadays, you must develop a solid emotional, cultural, and intellectual capacity so you can embrace the multiple perspectives and challenges the world is constantly providing. Come and experience Fellsmere Elementary! Gallop for Success...Nothing Less!

Fellsmere Elementary School

Glendale Elementary, School of Environmental Science

Glendale exhibits a multi-faceted, student-centered learning environment that promotes engagement and standards-based instruction through a focus on Environmental Science. Students experience opportunities to explore both inside and outside the classrooms. Community involvement is embedded in the heart of Glendale Elementary’s School Mission. We Strive to cultivate a safe and welcoming atmosphere where every child counts, and they can reach their fullest potential. We celebrate the success of students and staff daily. We love this place, and we know you will too!

Glendale Elementary School

IR Academy of Aerospace and Robotics

We are a school of innovation where our scholars strive for academic excellence. Students’ code, create, and participate in learning experiences that build their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. An ongoing collaboration among community members, families, and school staff gives our students the support and experiences to reach for the stars.
Indian River Academy

Liberty Magnet, International Baccalaureate Primary Year Programme

Liberty Magnet offers a challenging curriculum using the Florida State Standards through the framework of IB. IB, which is short for International Baccalaureate, is a world renowned educational organization. The IB program for elementary students is called the Primary Years Programme or PYP. Liberty is the only PYP school in Indian river county, and one of about 1700 worldwide. Students can continue their IB education locally in middle and high school. Guided by six transdisciplinary themes of global significance, students deepen their learning by developing conceptual understandings, strengthening their knowledge, and enhancing their skills across and beyond subject areas. Students are actively engaged in all parts of the learning process. They learn how to ask questions that will give them a deeper understanding. Then they participate in activities designed to answer these questions. Our classrooms are filled with dialogue, interaction, research, and presentations. These activities allow students to acquire skills valuable not only to learning, but to life outside of school.

Liberty Magnet School

Osceola Magnet School of Math and Engineering

Osceola Magnet School strives to be a model for the state in the areas of Mathematics and Engineering Exploration with the integration of the Arts and Literacy in an engaging, positive and collaborative school community. Our consistently high FSA scores, and our “A” school rating serve as evidence of our continuous quest for excellence. The concepts of math, science, and technology will be used to design and construct products, systems, and environments, to solve problems that people might encounter daily. Standards-based math and engineering concepts will be integrated throughout the curriculum at all grade levels. Engineering design challenges will be done to integrate, support, and reinforce core curriculum objectives.

Osceola Magnet School

Pelican Island, School of Environmental Science

At Pelican Island Elementary, we believe that Earth Day is every day, and we set up our learning environment in a way that expands beyond the pages of a textbook, beyond the four corners of a classroom, and beyond the outskirts of the protected nature preserve and Certified Wildlife Habitat on which our school is set. Our Pelicans learn through an engaging, solution-oriented approach so that by the time our kindergarteners leave 5th grade, they've been exposed to gardening, composting, life cycles, recycling, sustainability, and conservation in a way that not only makes them experts, but true advocates for environmental science, impacting our school, our local community, and our world.

Rosewood Magnet School of STEAM and Core Knowledge

Rosewood Magnet is a collaborative community working together to ensure high academic achievement for all students. Our students learn traditional academics through an interdisciplinary approach using the thematic units from the Core Knowledge Curriculum integrated with a STEAM approach to teach the 21st century skills students will need for success in the future. Core Knowledge brings together history, science, music and art through hands-on learning experiences and culminating activities that cross content areas and have a strong tie to the performing arts. We provide students with “lived learning”. They do more than just study the curriculum, they live it, explore it, act it out, investigate and experiment with the standards they are learning. We pride ourselves on our “Rich Traditions…. and Bright Futures…”.

Rosewood Magnet School

Sebastian Elementary, School of the Arts

At Sebastian Elementary School of the Arts, the ARTS are a vehicle to student success in a creative, safe, and engaging learning environment. Our staff works collaboratively to channel students ‘unique skills and talents through an integrated academic and arts program. We celebrate our diverse staff and student population while striving to live up to our vision “Nurturing and Educating Student for Tomorrow Through the Arts”.

Sebastian Elementary School

Treasure Coast Elementary, School of Marine Science

Treasure Coast Elementary is a Marine Science school which emphasizes marine education and its connection to the real world. Our goal is to create a safe learning environment where all students feel welcomed, loved, and accepted. The teachers and staff are committed to providing high-quality instruction and support, to meet the needs of all students. Our motto is "All Grit No Quit," and we show our Grit by Giving it our Best, Respect, Integrity, and Teamwork. Treasure Coast Elementary strives to promote social and academic growth and give each student a lifelong appreciation of learning.

Vero Beach Elementary, School of Project-Based Learning

At Vero Beach Elementary, we empower our Tribe, within our campus and the community, to SLIDE into innovation. Through collective problem solving and engagement, we will achieve excellence in Science, Literacy, Inquiry, Design, and Engineering. We pride ourselves on being a Project Based Learning School and our vision is to inspire authentic learning through engagement and innovation. When students graduate Vero Beach Elementary, we want each of them to have developed authentic problem-solving and inquiry skills which are essential as students grow into life-long learners.

Vero Beach Elementary School

Middle Schools

Gifford Middle School

A historical educational landmark, Gifford Middle School is a Title I STEAM with a focus on Marine and Robotics. Our diverse campus prides itself on academics, arts, athletics, and community engagement. In a collaborative effort, the staff at Gifford Middle School ensures each and every ‘dolphin’ is actively engaged in rigorous and relevant learning environments across all curriculums. What can’t we hide? Our ‘DOLPHIN PRIDE’

Gifford Middle School

Oslo Middle School

At Oslo Middle School we Believe in BLUE. Believing in BLUE means that we Build positive relationships, stay Learning-centered, Understand each other’s needs, and Excel through rigor, technology, and kindness! Our design thinking LAUNCH approach will connect the careers of tomorrow with our Wildcats today. LAUNCH utilizes a design thinking approach that helps students become problem solvers, critical thinkers, creative innovators to empower students to change the world. Our vision is to create personalized data driven learning opportunities that create independent thinkers. At Oslo Middle, your child will experience a high performing learning environment that fosters academic excellence, personal integrity, community action that encourages students to become informed, engaged, and ethical global citizens. Oslo stands for Outstanding Student Learning Opportunity. Why go anywhere else?

Sebastian River Middle School

Middle school is often a time when students are establishing their identity and building their self-esteem, the IB Middle Years Program motivates students by helping them achieve success in school and in life beyond the classroom. The MYP offers a challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world. SRMS also offers clubs, sports, and extracurricular opportunities for students to engage in exploring and developing interests outside of the classroom.

Sebastian River Middle School

Storm Grove Middle School

Storm Grove Middle school is a STEAM school, focused on the Environment and the Arts. While STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math we wanted to focus on the whole student, so we created a play on words with STEAM including Social Skills, Teamwork, Environment, Accountable and Mindful. We are taking a project-based approach where students will work collaboratively on a project based on the environment. Students will incorporate whichever art they find their strength, whether band, orchestra, drama, chorus, speech, marketing or traditional art students will be able to express themselves in their work. We are preparing students for high school but beyond that to be able to work collaboratively, to be mindful, environmental, global citizens.

High Schools

Sebastian River High School

Sebastian River High School (IB) is an accelerated high school that provides a challenging and rigorous educational learning community that is dedicated in “Encouraging Innovation and Promoting Excellence” with all students. With a highly qualified staff and diverse student body, Sebastian River High School is able to provide a comprehensive, standards-based course of study with a personalized approach where all students can simultaneously earn an industry certification, high school diploma, college course credits and even an associates degree. Students are able to engage in a rich elective program designed to meet the individual interest of students while learning in a community that is caring for all of its members. The school’s focus on diversity, inclusion, and the SHARKS expectations allow the staff to help all students flourish so that each student achieves to their highest potential and becomes a contributing member of the global society.

Sebastian River High School

Vero Beach High School

At Vero Beach High School, where inspirational education lives, we provide students with an experiential education that excites, engages, and enriches through unique, hands-on, real-world learning. Critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, innovation and citizenship are skills we cultivate. VBHS has a kaleidoscope of opportunities and pathways for your student to choose from, turning dreams into college and career opportunities for our students.

Vero Beach High School

Other Programs

Indian River Virtual School

Indian River Virtual School began in 2016 and is the School District of Indian River County full time virtual model. We proudly serve students from Kindergarten through 12th grade and offer a full-time virtual option with a local connection. Our curriculum aligns to State of Florida standards and offers the flexibility many parents and students desire. We also offer part-time courses to students currently enrolled in one of our district middle schools, high schools or to Homeschool students.
Indian River Virtual School - School Choice

The Alternative Education Center

The Alternative Education Center (ACE) is a behavioral learning facility which is located near downtown Vero Beach area, where we service the academic and social emotional needs of middle and high school students. We are committed to providing the necessary behavioral interventions that will promulgate a positive and safe school environment for all of our students. As our school mission statement so eloquently states, “We Accept, Restore and Return with Care!”

Treasure Coast Technical College

A Technical College focused on offering Post-Secondary Career and Technical Education programs that are rigorous and relevant, lead to recognized industry credentials or license, and provide students the skills to become gainfully employed. Treasure Coast Technical College is committed to providing high quality career and technical training opportunities that benefit the student and the community.

Early Learning Programs

*Voluntary PreKindergarten (VPK) Program: FREE state program designed to prepare every child in Florida for kindergarten and build the foundation for their educational success. The VPK mission is to ensure that all children are intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically ready to enter school and are ready to learn, fully recognizing the crucial role of parents and caregivers as their child’s first teacher.

*Preschool Early Intervention Program: Specially-designed, high quality educational opportunities for all students with disabilities ages 3 to 5 years who meet eligibility criteria for Early Intervention (ESE) services.

Wabasso School

A Center School with a passion for serving ALL students. We embody the team concept where we work together as a learning community to empower independence, promote self-advocacy and to provide an environment where students are challenged to meet and exceed personal goals and expectations. When you attend the Wabasso School, you are not only supported by the learning community, you are supported by the entire community. credentials or license, and provide students the skills to become gainfully employed.

Wabasso School

Charter Schools

Imagine South Vero

As a national family of non-profit public charter school campuses, Imagine Schools at South Vero partners with parents and guardians in the education of their children by providing high quality education that prepares students for lives of leadership, accomplishment, and exemplary character. Imagine Schools at South Vero’s core values of Justice, Integrity and Fun form the foundation of our educational mission. Imagine educators aspire to live by these values daily and teach them to our students. We hold ourselves individually and collectively accountable for strong academic outcomes, with each individual fulfilling his or her responsibility so that all students can succeed. Imagine Schools at South Vero is committed to helping students develop 21st century learning skills that inspire students to be lifelong learners by focusing on collaboration, critical thinking, grit, and perseverance.

Indian River Charter High School

IRCHS is a high-performance organization with a unique, integrated, thematic curriculum. IRCHS has been an ‘A’ school for nine of the past ten years, was designated as a ‘Florida School of Excellence’ in 2017, and is #1 on the Treasure Coast by the U.S. News and World Report. Part of the school’s unique curriculum is an interdisciplinary effort to explore different time periods each semester; engaging in a dialogue with history. All students participate in this integrated curriculum both inside and outside of the classroom. Most IRCHS students participate in the school’s award-winning Visual and Performing Arts Program (VAPA). This program provides students with a learning environment conducive to excelling in the fine arts. Five artistic disciplines are offered: dance, theatre, music-vocal, music- instrumental, and visual arts. Students accept a great deal of responsibility within the school environment, from the open campus, to Homebase expectations, and participation in community projects such as; cultural events, government meetings, and volunteer activities. IRCHS was founded on the belief that freedom paired with accountability would produce results. We believe that freedom is paramount to our success, and we will continue to innovate.

North County Charter

A public school of choice with a private school atmosphere.

North County Charter School thrives on offering an traditional approach to education. We focus on reading, math, writing, science, and social studies as well as creating a school family that supports students academically, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Saint Peter's Academy

Sebastian Charter Junior High

Career and Technical Education Pathways

Career and Technical Education Pathways (Spanish)