Aaron Ortega

English 2

Hobbies and Activities

my hobbies for life are

*playing soccer *swimming

I am not involved with any sport for school this year

photo url http://wallpapersnation.com/wp-content/uploads/Cute-Soccer-Ball-Images.jpg

Schools I Have Attended

(3rd grade /allen elementary) (4th grade / Morgan elementary Lincoln elementary) (5th grade / Lincoln elementary) (6th grade Obee elementary) (7th grade / Hutchinson middle school 7) (8th grade / prairie hills middle school) (9th grade / Buhler high school)

*i dont have a favorite teacher*

Collage I Might Want To Attend

the collage i might want to attend is Wichita state university (WSU)

collage URL: http://www.wichita.edu/thisis/

photo URL http://www.littleapplepost.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/shockers-300x256.gif

My Family

I live with my*aunt *uncle *cousin(s) *brother

The important people i do not live with, is my *mother *father other *brother(s) or *sister

Health Concerns

I have no health concerns for you to know about me.

Contact Information

my aunts phone number is: (316) 680-2080

I don't know my uncles phone number because i do not ask him or talk to him about the problems that happen.