Les Gens du Canada

Protecting Canada's waters. New Research Found!

Locations of Interest: Severn Sound, St. Lawrence Estuary, and St. John's Harbour

We had a chance to talk with representative Ms. Pollock. "These areas are quite interesting for scientists like my group. Each one is, has, or somewhat hypoxic. Hypoxia is the state of no oxygen within water, or very little," she explained. "The Severn Sound used to be without oxygen, while St. John's Harbour is under treatment. Regrettably, St. Lawrence Estuary is naturally semi-hypoxic, and human impact has made treatment difficult."

Canadian Plans for Water Treatment

Faced with the hypoxia problem, the Canadian government has passed many laws and plans to treat these problems, like RAP (mentioned above), and a similar treatment for St. John's Harbour, due to high amounts of ammonia and other toxic chemicals as a result of the tons of untreated sewage. All efforts are being put forth for St. Lawrence Estuary, but it has experienced persistent decreasing oxygen levels since the 1930's, partially from natural semi-hypoxia, and nutrient fluxes.

Get Involved! Help the Earth! Save the Marine Life!!

If you already live in these areas, there area few simple steps to help preserve the oxygen levels and overall welfare of the life and water:
1: Recycle correctly.
2: Clean up any garbage you see.
3: And don't dump anything into the water.

Do these, and the water will naturally oxygenate and clean itself. With so many people, it can be hard to maintain homeostasis with the environment, but we have to protect the marine life!

Think about how many marine species are endangered. How many whales. If we cannot clean up these areas, even more animals will die, and possible go instinct!! Beluga and Blue Whales, Harbour Seals, and even more depend on your impact! Join now!