Ryan 216 Library Media Center

October 2014

Library Open Access

Library Open Access will begin on Monday, 10/6. Please post the schedule I put in your mailbox somewhere visible in your classroom. Remind students that they must see me in the Auditorium between 8:05-8:15 to receive a Lunch Pass.

Student Tutors

One of the main purposes of the Library Squad this year will be to serve as tutors to struggling students. If you have a student who is experiencing difficulty and could use some extra help from a peer, advise them to sign up for a Library Pass! I will match your student up with a tutor that is appropriate for their needs.

Resource Recommendations

I'm beginning to explore options to expand both the print and non-print (eBooks!) resources in our collection. I would love to know what resources YOU feel would be beneficial to our students. If there are any SUBJECTS, TOPICS, or TITLES that you feel will enrich your teaching practice, send me an e-mail or leave me a note in my mailbox!

Tech Tip- Pixabay

http://Pixabay.com is an excellent website that students (and teachers) can use to find photos for projects and presentations. All pictures are published under a Creative Commons Public Domain license. Students may copy, modify, and distribute these photos, and no attribution is needed.

To download photos, students (or you) would need to do three things.

  1. login to Pixabay
  2. choose the size photo you want to download
  3. click download

*Remember- just because it is on the Internet, that does not mean that you have the right to use it as your own! We are all guilty of searching Google images for photographs or pictures that can enhance our presentations and lessons. However, we must remember that if we do not give credit to the source, then we are plagiarizing! Let's set an example for our students by using great digital citizen practices. *

-Credit to Teacher/Librarian Tricia LaRue's September 30th s'more newsletter for the inspiration!-

Did you know there are 10 types of plagiarism? Check out the website below to learn more!

Let's Collaborate!

Do you find that your students are experiencing difficulty paraphrasing, quoting, or giving credit to the resources where they find their information? E-mail me to set up a period when we can co-teach to provide your students with the skills necessary to meet the CCLS and act as excellent digital citizens!

I'm happy to attend any planning meetings to help your team locate resources, include more technology, or guide you and your students in research practices!

Don't forget about the other lessons we can work on together!

-encouraging Independent Reading/checking out IR books

-using the online catalog

-using the online encyclopedia

-accessing and using online databases

-using the Internet effectively (NOT JUST GOING TO GOOGLE!)

-using Edmodo effectively

-identifying facts

-formulating inferences

-drawing conclusions

-using various apps for presentation of information (prezi, smore, near pod)

-using Google docs/Google drive to share files

and many more...!

*Please give me at least 3 days notice to plan properly!*

E-mail me!

George J. Ryan JHS 216Q

Library Media Specialist/ELA Teacher